RAV - Illuminated by Fire - Briagolong http://www.rav.net.au/storyboard/blog/briagolong Salvatore worked with the Briagolong community to create a huge tiered ‘chandelier’ with cascading layers of delicate illuminated organza buds. LED lights hidden within the layers of organza were programmed to ebb and flow and change colour. The buds are made of delicate organza and symbolise the welcome regrowth and regeneration that occurs after fire, while the chandelier itself is a celebration of the life-giving and illuminating properties of our own source of light – that great ball of fire we know as the sun. Stories capturing loMaxine cal experiences with fire have been recorded and transformed into a soundscape with original music. This together with the chandelier, created a truly magical event in our hall, offering the space and time for viewers to contemplate their relationship with fire.  The project launched Friday November 12, 7.30pm at the Briagolong Hall, where a meeting in 1927 formed the original Briagolong Fire Brigade. The chandelier was displayed in the BMW Edge at Fed Square for the week of the Melbourne installation, impressing audiences with its beautiful contrast to the architecture. See the program here: Briagolong program     en-au 60 Images from Briagolong 2

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Images from Briagolong 1

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Workshops begin in Briagolong!

Images from the first bud-making workshops in Briagolong.

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