Illuminated by Fire

Illuminated by Fire

As part of Illuminated by Fire, filmmaker and social historian Malcolm McKinnon has produced a series of short films that aim to stimulate historical learning for individuals, for local communities and for government.

The films tell a range of genuinely illuminating stories about difficult truths associated with living in some of the most fire-prone places on the planet. As well, they seek to challenge the recurrent amnesia that creates an element of “predictable surprise” in our response to bushfires.

These little films aim to reveal a wealth of knowledge, experience and imagination that needs to become more commonly held.

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Malcolm McKinnon is an Australian artist and filmmaker working mainly in rural communities. Over the past 15 years, his work has encompassed oral history, urban planning, public and community art projects, critical writing and exhibitions. His current practice is mainly focused around documentary filmmaking and social history, motivated by an appreciation of living memory and local vernacular.

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Films by Malcolm McKinnon

Agni, God of Fire

8th September 2010

Archana Patney is an Indian woman now living in Swan Hill in northern Victoria. A practising Hindu, she is committed to maintaining some traditional rituals within her new Australian environment. Here, Archana demonstrates the making of a rangoli, explaining as she does so the importance of Agni, the Hindi god of fire.

1 Comment

i love this film!

Brief film, but such an interesting subject! The design and firelighting are beautiful.

kim on 12 Oct 2010 10:42AM


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