Programming Tours in Development for 2021

Regional Arts Victoria are delighted to support a broad range of touring outcomes through Showcase Victoria from 2020 onwards through their three specialised Touring Programs; Arts & Education, Connecting Places and Touring Services, offered on different scales of support for artists.

Arts & Education
Traditionally a schools incursion program, Arts & Education will collaborate with Performing Arts Centres to coordinate one tour that targets VCE level students building a schools incursion program. Furthermore, Arts & Education will assist in the promotion of the PAC tour through its 3,500 plus database, and offer subsidies for eligible schools to attend the PAC performances. Arts & Education has its own program of schools-appropriate works available On Call and On the Road that can be found here. The VAPAC network will be included in all launch communications.

Connecting Places
The Connecting Places program supports small communities to participate in hosting high quality works and develop sustainable presenting skills for Community Presenters. Any show that is technically appropriate, and has high Community Presenter interest in the Showcase Victoria survey results will be included in the 2021 Connecting places programs. Connecting Places will coordinate a PAC tour, while concurrently building a halls tour. Connecting Places has its own program of halls appropriate works that will be launched on in July 2020. The VAPAC network will be included in all launch communications.  

Touring Services
Conventionally working closely with VAPAC, Touring Services supports as many touring outcomes as possible from Showcase Victoria. This relationship will continue as per normal, and will continue to support touring to PACs throughout Victoria in both 2020 and 2021. 

2021 Tours in Development

Connecting Places


Alice Mary Cooper

Waves follows the story of Alice, a hospice care worker who meets Elizabeth Moncello, the unofficial inventor of the butterfly stroke. Over ‘many cups of tea’, Alice learns how Liz, during her youth, taught herself how to swim by watching the aquatic life surrounding her small Victorian island home in 1930s. With her incredible skill she makes it to the 1936 Berlin Olympics where she introduces the new stroke to the world and wins Gold

An intimate theatrical event combining highly expressive storytelling, delicate movement and splashes of humour to tell Elizabeth’s amazing tale of a life fully lived.

Duration: 50 minutes
Ideal for: School groups (8+), Local swimming clubs/sea swimming groups, People interested in local women’s sports and Australian history, School groups, Young theatre and family audiences, Older people, People actively interested in theatre & playwriting.

Touring Services

Bukjeh Bukjeh_TS

Aseel Tayah

Stories of Home; And of having to Leave it

Led by Palestinian artist Aseel Tayah, in collaboration with diaspora artists from Australia and around the world, Bukjeh is an installation in a disaster relief tent, and a series of short performances created with people who have been forced to leave their homes, in response to children's questions about refugees..

In Arabic, Bukjeh is a small pack of belongings carried by travellers and refugees. By inviting an audience into our suitcases, sacks and homes – and of having to leave them.

Our stories define us and make us unique. The testimonies of those displaced in this ever-changing world are worth documenting and sharing with this, and future, generations. Bukjeh puts new and diverse communities and our stories front and centre for all to share. We are authors of our own stories, choosing which stories to tell and how to tell them – song, dance, poetry/spoken-word, visual art, and more.

Duration: Negotiable, up to 2 x 90 minutes sessions per day
Ideal for: Bukjeh connects people of all ages and backgrounds.



Megan Beckwith

Electrify your senses. Strap on your 3D glasses and be transported to different worlds.

Parallax is a daring dance and digital technology experience by one of Australia’s most innovative performance artists. This live contemporary dance and animation show is set within a virtual computer-generated environment and transforms what is possible with illusions that are dazzling.

This one-woman show combines 3D imagery that projects out from the screen with live dance performance. The audience feels like they can reach out and touch the animation floating in space. The immersive show takes the audience on a journey to new digital worlds.

Duration: 45 minutes
Ideal for: Contemporary dance audiences, visual illusions, gaming, animation, science fiction, VR, digital technology.


Stark and DormyStark&Dormy_PROG

Bunk Puppets

A dark comedy adventure in puppetry, sketch comedy and unabashedly cool lo-fi theatrical effects.

Stark and Dormy is a live performance mashup that aims to blend up the abundance of imagery and narrative forms in the modern world, and to re-focus those diverging forms using simple performance tools and careful stagecraft technique. It is as if the two performers are attempting to make their own DIY action mystery alien invasion movie for you; live, on stage -- with bumps, failures and success along the way. The story told is less of an impact then the way it is told. Bunk Puppets seeks to inspire and awaken audiences along those themes: busy audiences seem to be refreshed by a DIY aesthetic.

Duration: 55 minutes
Ideal for: Families (aged 10+), adult comedy theatre goers.