Programming Tours in Development 2020 - 2021

Regional Arts Victoria are delighted to support a broad range of touring outcomes through Showcase Victoria from 2020 onwards through their three specialised Touring Programs; Arts & Education, Connecting Places and Touring Services, offered on different scales of support for artists.

Arts & Education
Traditionally a schools incursion program, Arts & Education will collaborate with Performing Arts Centres to coordinate one tour that targets VCE level students building a schools incursion program. Furthermore, Arts & Education will assist in the promotion of the PAC tour through its 3,500 plus database, and offer subsidies for eligible schools to attend the PAC performances. Arts & Education has its own program of schools-appropriate works available On Call and On the Road that can be found here. The VAPAC network will be included in all launch communications.

Connecting Places
The Connecting Places program supports small communities to participate in hosting high quality works and develop sustainable presenting skills for Community Presenters. Any show that is technically appropriate, and has high Community Presenter interest in the Showcase Victoria survey results will be included in either the 2020 or 2021 Connecting places programs. Connecting Places will coordinate a PAC tour, while concurrently building a halls tour. Connecting Places has its own program of halls appropriate works that will be launched on 23 July. The VAPAC network will be included in all launch communications.  

Touring Services
Conventionally working closely with VAPAC, Touring Services supports as many touring outcomes as possible from Showcase Victoria. This relationship will continue as per normal, and will continue to support touring to PACs throughout Victoria in both 2020 and 2021. 

2020 Tours in Development

Arts & Education

Hell's CanyonHellsCanyon_PROG

Emily Sheehan

A multi-award winning, new Australian drama about a teenage road trip across the Australian outback.

Caitlin and Oscar used to be mates, but not anymore. Six months after the death of Oscar’s brother/Caitlin’s boyfriend, Caitlin and Oscar haven’t spoken. These days, Caitlin texts boys to meet her in public parks while Oscar eats his lunch in the teacher’s staffroom. But when Caitlin sends Oscar a text message, he comes running. After receiving a medical diagnosis that morning, Caitlin is scared. She convinces an unsuspecting Oscar to run away with her. To go “full on missing". Hell's Canyon is a new Australian drama about friendship and rebellion, that directly connects to a youth audience.

Duration: 65 minutes
Ideal for: Young adult and adult audiences (14+), Secondary and VCE Drama students

View the full 2020 Arts & Education Program.

Connecting Places

The Magnolia TreeMagnoliaTree_PROG

The Wolves Theatre Company

In the front yard of the family's home stands a Magnolia Tree. It was Mum's favourite. In another time her children would hunt its branches for the elusive singing cicadas. Mum now has Alzheimer's and her children have come together to choose a nursing home.

This gripping psychological thriller has two endings, and the audience vote for the one powerful end they want to see.

This ingenious script shocks and confounds. We're privy to family secrets, fractured relationships and confessions. Personal boundaries are crossed leaving the three siblings with an impossible bind.

Duration: 55 minutes
Ideal for: Adults of all ages, seniors


Go Go GO! 

Gravity Dolls

An epic tribute to stupid fun.

As its name suggests this show hits the ground running and builds to such a dizzying pace you’ll be left asking yourself, ‘how can they keep going?’

Bridging the gap between how generations play games, Go, Go, Go! is fun, spontaneous and interactive. We draw inspiration from classic games, ranging from retro video games to school yard classics plus some we’ve invented along the way and give them a circus twist. Entertaining with a sprinkle of nostalgia, Go, Go, GO! draws on stunning acrobatics and ingenious physical to create a playful, hilarious, spectacular world that celebrates why games – in all their various forms - stand the test of time.

Duration: 50 minutes
Ideal for: Families, social gamers, school children, lovers of comedy and circus.

The Spooky Men's ChoraleSpookyMen_PROG

The Spooky Men's Chorale

Men singing songs. Some of them are funny.

The Spooky Men’s Chorale emerged blithering and blinking-eyed from the Blue Mountains of NSW in 2001, armed with no more than their voices, a nice line in deadpan and an ill-matched set of hats. In live performance, the Spooky Men draw on a combination of musical and theatrical values including Georgian male polyphony; a running joke on man as a vast, oblivious useless object; whispers of clown, bouffon and Monty Python; and forays into pleasurable grunting tribalism. 

The audience are invited to first joyously experience a wall of mansound, then laugh stupidly, then venture into areas of great tenderness. It is not so much comedic as hilarious, not so much shimmeringly perfect as pleasingly and deeply human. The Spookies in middle age, having just released their sixth album, are more masters of their territory than ever before. They will delicately garnish their much loved black-catalogue with further incursions into beauty and stupidity, somewhat like a chocolate muffin with bits of chocolate in it. You must see them, really you must.

Duration: 110 minutes
Ideal for: Adults, young men, the Spooky Men present very positive and diverse expressions of masculinity which encourages audience members of all ages

Sound of Your TownMamaKin_Hero

Mama Kin Spender

A soulful collaboration between ARIA-nominated Mama Kin, producer Tommy Spender, Choir Master Virginia Bott, and the voices of your local choirs, Sound of Your Town adds new height to the passion behind music. A residency-based model of touring, all you need is a community choir, or a desire to put one together. Their choir master will guide your choir online through rehearsals over six weeks. The company then stay in your community for three days, leading up to an extensive workshop/rehearsal programme - making a little magic together for a final show! “We wanted to know more of you, have a shared experience, deepen our connection with every town we visit.” - Mama Kin Spender

Duration: Up to 3 hours
Ideal for:  Families, couples, women 25+, seniors, artists/creatives, local singers

Trinket_HeroTrinket, The Robot

Little Wing Puppets

A little robot who longs to become “real” – but is he ready for what it means to be alive? Inventor Dr Doovalacky and his assistant, a caterpillar named Gizmo, set out to build a robot. But Trinket is no ordinary robot. Trinket has the ability to have feelings like a “real” human and the audience helps him to navigate the ups and downs of his new world. Trinket the Robot is a lively, funny, interactive solo puppet show, based on the tale of Pinocchio. It explores emotions and offers ways for children to understand different feelings.

Duration: 60 minutes
Ideal for: Children aged 3 – 10 years and their families

View the full 2020 Connecting Places program.

Touring Services

Mental As EverythingMentalAsEverything_PROG

Under The Microscope

MAE brings mental illness and music together with transparency, comedy and a deep personal narrative

Mental as everything is an original new stage concept by Melbourne based writer, musician and performer, Damon Smith. His personal, day to day experiences with a diagnosis of both OCD and Bipolar disorder, have helped Damon develop a transparency regarding his dealings with these two, widely misguided disorders and as a writer/entertainer, creating a show that blends comedy and music alongside an honest and thought-provoking, researched narrative, It seemed this would be an obvious next step in his career, not to mention a great opportunity to talk about mental illness and help spread awareness regarding it’s stigma.

In this two man show, Damon and his musical cohort, Adam Coad, will take the audience on a brilliantly unique and often awkward journey inside their own heads with hilarious onstage buffoonery & songs pertaining to Mental Illness. Mental As Everything, features both original music and existing songs, written by well known artists that have experienced mental illness.

Duration: 70 minutes
Ideal for: Secondary students, those living with mental illness. 

Splash Test Dummies by Dummies Corp SplashTestDummies_TS19

Splash Test Dummies are here, ready to roll out their beach towels and spring into a brand new hour of circus-filled hilarity for the whole family. See a brilliant array of catch-your-breath stunt work, acrobatics, juggling and the sidesplitting, slapstick comedy for which the dummies are famous. Join the Dummies and come diving from bathtubs to beaches in this new aquatic adventure! Trash Test Dummies have been delighting audiences young and old with a nuanced blend of circus, comedy and imaginative play, creating shared and treasured experiences for families across Australia and around the world. 

Duration: 60 minutes
Key Audiences: Ages 5-12 and families




Ann-Droid-The Wonderful Adventures of Robot Girl!AnnDroid_TS


Grace, humour, creativity-every moment was remarkable!

This unique show combines theatre with the newest digital technologies: projection, a smart LED costume, a robot ball and a drone in a fascinating story for all ages. A 21st century Pinocchio - Ann, the robot girl, is to become human. Before the very eyes of the audience the drawn animation comes to life where performers move together with the projected visuals creating a 3D movie experience. The story displays the complexity of their relationship, we can get to know Alfred’s different robots.

Alfred gives Ann one task: to collect and bring back home the lost creatures. Due to unexpected and diverse incredible adventures on their way, both of them have to evolve. By learning from their mistakes, Alfred and Ann find their way back to each other.

Duration: 50 minutes
Ideal for: 
Families and young children from 4 plus


I See You Like This 

Jessica Wilson

Look this way - look natural – smile. With our ever-growing desire to document each moment of our lives, children often become the (reluctant) subject of their parent’s camera. I See You Like This turns the camera around, allowing your child to view you as the subject through the lens of their own  imagination.

The 45 minute experience begins with questions to the child artist about what kind of person their parent is, they then choose a suitable key object, before art directing a creative portrait directly
onto their 'subject's' face. The pair then enter the studio to direct the photoshoot. 

Duration: 45 minutes
Key Audiences: Children 5-12 years and families

Tell Me WhyArchieRoach_PROG

Archie Roach (Play on Presents)

A new work sharing stories and songs from Archie's new memoir and companion album.

Coinciding with the launch of his memoir and accompanying new album this is an important Australian story as told by this country’s foremost First Nations elder statesman and storyteller.

As a member of the Stolen Generations, Roach had a direct line to the pain and suffering indigenous families endured when children were taken from them. He condensed those emotions into a few minutes of music that stands as one of the great Australian humanitarian artistic statements. THE AUSTRALIAN

Duration: 80 minutes (or 2 x 40 mins with interval)
Ideal for: ABC audiences, interested in Australian story and history, local Indigenous communities.

The Merger TheMerger_TS20

Hey Boss

The Barry Award Nominated sequel to his multi-award winning Sportsman's Night, Damian revisits the dysfunctional Bodgy Creek Roosters Football Club. The township has seen better days – the mill's closed; the Tidy Town sign has fallen into the long grass and the weir is as dry as a spinster's gusset. The dying town is about to claim its next victim. Unable to field even one full side, the footy club will either have to fold or merge with their arch rivals - the Hudson's Flat Cougars. But prodigal son coach Troy Carrington has other ideas; to save the club he embarks on a programme to recruit players from the Asylum Seekers Refuge Centre. Will the new players cope with preseason training while fasting for Ramadan?

Duration: 70 minutes
Key Audiences: 
Footy fans and clubs, comedy audiences

The hunter. The hunted.TheHunter_TS20

James Pratt Company 13

Three theatrical styles are interwoven to produce a work that examines the ways that desire, love and infatuation creates havoc with our rational sense of who we are. The show blends an overblown gothic melodrama full of the passion of the Romantic period, the Dadaist stupidity of a troupe of clowns and the confessional realism of personal stories. The show is accessible, joyful and dramatic. The personal contemporary storytelling and the absurdity of the clowning contrast with the melodramatic style and allow the ensemble to rejoice, celebrate and satirise our the tug of war between passion and pragmatism. 

Duration: 60 minutes
Key Audiences: High school students, 16+


International Ballet Gala

By Projection Dance Company

International ballet stars together in Australia presenting your favourite ballets and modern works.

International stars of ballet together in Australia for the first time to perform a collection of divertissement from your favourite ballets and modern works. Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty, and Don Quixote, classical ballet at its best in a program with modern ballet by internationally acclaimed choreographers and directors.

Our cast of dancers has performed in the great theatres of the world, The Bolshoi Theatre in Russia, The Lincoln Centre in New York and the London Coliseum and now you can revel in their brilliance and celebrate the culmination of exhilarating dance, exquisite music, sumptuous set and costume design in an evening filled with Beauty, Precision and Passion.

Duration: 90 Minutes
Ideal for: Families and contemporary dance audiences.

IHaveAFace_PROGI Have A Face

Jude Perl

An uplifting, honest, one person show that discusses mental health and labels through humour and song.

A divine combination of stand up, song and storytelling, ‘I Have A Face’ presents an authentic, entertaining show that cannot, and should not, be categorised. Through this process, the show discusses labels quite heavily and how they can be useful at times and at other times, they can halt our growth. The show details coping mechanisms through a rapid fire song call ‘bandaids’ which leads to the most poignant part of the show, where Jude sings a song about how you can feel alone/depressed in many opposing circumstances. The show ends with a the title song, which acknowledges the real pain we can all feel, but uplift and connect us all through our shared experiences.

Duration: 55 Minutes
Ideal for: Teenagers, secondary students and female identifying audiences.

JuggLife_PROGJugg Life

Jugg Life Productions

Jugg Life is an explosive fusion of dynamic live percussion and juggling with relentless energy.

Beginning with the simple beat of a drum and ending with the total mayhem of both performers keeping ludicrous numbers of props in the air. Jugg Life is an intense, non-stop escalation of skill and entertainment. As sound melds seamlessly with world-class technical ability and energetic stage presence, displaying precisely what we love about juggling in every way possible, incorporating competition, danger, music and teamwork. Colourful, visual, turbulent and fun, Jugg Life is a show for the entire family.

Duration: 50 minutes
Ideal for: Families, teenagers, circus lovers, accessible for all audiences.


Chester Creative

Oscar Wilde's dazzling genius in words, music and song.

WILDE Reading brings the genius of Oscar Wilde to the stage in a compact tour de force of some of his most dazzling moments in theatre, prose and poetry. Stalwarts of Australian stage and screen, John Wood and Michael Veitch, are joined by some wonderful new musical and dramatic talent for an evening of wit, charm and elegance, all in the name of that great, larger-than-life Irishman, Oscar Wilde.

We'll bring you a selection of some of his most delicious characters in their most memorable stage scenes: poor Ernest Worthing attempting to explain that particular inscription in his cigarette case; Lord Goring's awkward re-acquaintance with the alluring Mrs Cheverley, and of course, she of the famous 'handbag' scene, the redoubtable Lady Bracknell.

Let us read to you, play for you and sing the song of a Nightingale. All in the name of Oscar Wilde.

Duration: 70 minutes
Ideal for: Lovers of Oscar Wilde, Fans of John Wood and Michel Veitch, English literature students, Book clubs, Those with love of, or a connection to Ireland, young adults/teenagers, Youth drama and music students.

2021 Tours in Development

Connecting Places


Alice Mary Cooper

Waves follows the story of Alice, a hospice care worker who meets Elizabeth Moncello, the unofficial inventor of the butterfly stroke. Over ‘many cups of tea’, Alice learns how Liz, during her youth, taught herself how to swim by watching the aquatic life surrounding her small Victorian island home in 1930s. With her incredible skill she makes it to the 1936 Berlin Olympics where she introduces the new stroke to the world and wins Gold

An intimate theatrical event combining highly expressive storytelling, delicate movement and splashes of humour to tell Elizabeth’s amazing tale of a life fully lived.

Duration: 50 minutes
Ideal for: School groups (8+), Local swimming clubs/sea swimming groups, People interested in local women’s sports and Australian history, School groups, Young theatre and family audiences, Older people, People actively interested in theatre & playwriting.

Touring Services

Bukjeh Bukjeh_TS

Aseel Tayah

Stories of Home; And of having to Leave it

Led by Palestinian artist Aseel Tayah, in collaboration with diaspora artists from Australia and around the world, Bukjeh is an installation in a disaster relief tent, and a series of short performances created with people who have been forced to leave their homes, in response to children's questions about refugees..

In Arabic, Bukjeh is a small pack of belongings carried by travellers and refugees. By inviting an audience into our suitcases, sacks and homes – and of having to leave them.

Our stories define us and make us unique. The testimonies of those displaced in this ever-changing world are worth documenting and sharing with this, and future, generations. Bukjeh puts new and diverse communities and our stories front and centre for all to share. We are authors of our own stories, choosing which stories to tell and how to tell them – song, dance, poetry/spoken-word, visual art, and more.

Duration: Negotiable, up to 2 x 90 minutes sessions per day
Ideal for: Bukjeh connects people of all ages and backgrounds.


Megan Beckwith

Electrify your senses. Strap on your 3D glasses and be transported to different worlds.

Parallax is a daring dance and digital technology experience by one of Australia’s most innovative performance artists. This live contemporary dance and animation show is set within a virtual computer-generated environment and transforms what is possible with illusions that are dazzling.

This one-woman show combines 3D imagery that projects out from the screen with live dance performance. The audience feels like they can reach out and touch the animation floating in space. The immersive show takes the audience on a journey to new digital worlds.

Duration: 45 minutes
Ideal for: Contemporary dance audiences, visual illusions, gaming, animation, science fiction, VR, digital technology.

Stark and DormyStark&Dormy_PROG

Bunk Puppets

A dark comedy adventure in puppetry, sketch comedy and unabashedly cool lo-fi theatrical effects.

Stark and Dormy is a live performance mashup that aims to blend up the abundance of imagery and narrative forms in the modern world, and to re-focus those diverging forms using simple performance tools and careful stagecraft technique. It is as if the two performers are attempting to make their own DIY action mystery alien invasion movie for you; live, on stage -- with bumps, failures and success along the way. The story told is less of an impact then the way it is told. Bunk Puppets seeks to inspire and awaken audiences along those themes: busy audiences seem to be refreshed by a DIY aesthetic.

Duration: 55 minutes
Ideal for: Families (aged 10+), adult comedy theatre goers.