Regional Arts Victoria Touring Programs


Expressions of interest are now closed for touring in 2019 through Regional Arts Victoria’s Arts & Education and Connecting Places programs. 

The Touring Programs include:

Arts & Education

tours high quality and educationally relevant arts experiences to young people across Victoria from early years through to VCE. We work to provide accessible arts experiences and encourage students to participate in the arts as both artists and audiences.

Connecting Places

tours high-quality performances to arts councils, halls & mechanics’ institute committees, regional festivals and local shires, and promotes career development for community presenters to create sustainable presenting practices for small regional communities.

Arts and Education and Connecting Places have different aims and purposes, so we cannot tour the same project in both programs. However, you are welcome to apply to both programs with different projects. We encourage you to read about both programs to determine if they are a good fit. Make sure you apply for the program that best suits your work. 

Read the Arts & Education or Connecting Places submission guidelines and selection criteria to gain a better understanding of each program. Check out this great video by Miles & Simone to get an idea of what it's like to tour as part of Connecting Places. 


The Application Process

Applying to these programs is a two-stage process:
a. Online form  - outlining your company, fees and technical elements
b. Downloadable Pitching & Marketing Toolkit document – outlining your work, and how it is best marketed.

The Pitching and Marketing Toolkit document has been designed to be useful for selling your project not only for this application but for as long as the work exists. It covers a range of requests that are industry standard, and we hope assists you in pulling all the useful information about the project into one document. It is also a great template for you to use for any of your projects.

Please ensure you have downloaded the correct Pitching & Marketing word documents before starting the online form.

Arts & Education Pitching & Marketing Toolkit            Connecting Places Pitching & Marketing Toolkit 

Monday 7 May 9am – EOIs open
Monday 11 June 1pm – Applications close
26 – 28 June – Connecting Places applicants notified
18-20 July – Arts & Education applicants notified
Monday 6 August – Connecting Places program launched
Thursday 6 September – Arts & Education launched


Can I apply for one of these programs if I have been through Showcase Victoria?

Work selected to tour with Touring Services as part of the Showcase Victoria process will not be considered for Arts & Education or Connecting Place programs. Other artists who participated in the Showcase Victoria process may apply for the Arts & Education or Connecting Places programs, provided this will not conflict with opportunities you secured through this event. Please contact us if you are unsure of the current results from Showcase Victoria


Great, what do I do with my Showcase interest if I’d like to submit my work to one of these programs?  

If you are thinking about applying for either of these touring programs, please get in touch with the Program Manager to discuss in the first instance. However, directly after Showcase Victoria, artists are encouraged to follow up with the venues who have shown interest and secure what dates you can. At a similar time, you are welcome to apply for either the Arts & Education or Connecting Places programs. If successful in being part of either program, we will endeavour to further expand interest through our networks and build on the dates you have secured already. We will offer a full tour coordination service for the entire project thereafter (including contracts, invoicing and logistics). Both Arts & Education & Connecting Places tour for the following year, so if your project is 18-24 months ahead, we will not be able to offer this service. 


What if I need help?

We strongly encourage you to call the manager of the program you are thinking of putting your work in, see contact details below:

Arts & Education Manager                            
Pippin Davies
03 9644 1808

Connecting Places Manager     
Rosie Dwyer
03 9644 1807



Arts & Education Submission Guidelines

Arts & Education Pitching & Marketing Toolkit        
Connecting Places Submission Guidelines

Connecting Places Budget Template

Connecting Places Pitching & Marketing Toolkit