Connecting Places


Are you looking to bring incredible shows to your town? 

Connecting Places is our community touring program that supports community presenters to develop their audiences and build arts participation. The initiative recognises the important role small arts organisations play in the wellbeing and vitality of regional communities.

Connecting Places is open to arts councils, halls and mechanics’ institute committees, regional festivals and local shire councils wishing to bring high quality performances to their communities. It offers a fantastic range of technically appropriate and affordable works.

Connecting Places also offers a strong skills development program to create a sustainable practice for you and your committee to present shows. We offer long-term mentorships, skills development workshops, one-on-one planning sessions, online resources, marketing advice and support, networking opportunities and general phone support from Regional Arts Victoria staff.

We’d love to chat with you about what you’d like to achieve in your community, and how we can help!

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Check out our 2019 Connecting Places Program here.

For Presenters

Who is eligible

To access the support program or the touring shows; you need to be an incorporated not-for-profit organisation, be a Regional Arts Victoria Member, and have an interest in bringing touring works to your community. There are no restrictions on the type of venue used. Some examples are the local town hall, community theatre, library, church, public bar, gallery, barn, even a lounge room!

The program is specifically designed to lower any barriers that might exist for community presenters to present touring productions locally.  

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What support does Regional Arts Victoria offer?

For skills development 

The main aims of this part of the program are to build a robust network of highly engaged community presenters and support them in building arts participation in their community.

We do this by:

  • Open – access skills development workshops
  • Targeted 12 month coaching/mentoring program to develop specific skills
  • One on one planning sessions in a range of long term strategic areas
  • Marketing advice and support

All of these services are offered free of charge as part of Regional Arts Victoria Membership.

Have you heard about our Community Presenter Mentorships? Is this something you and your committee are interested in? Check it out.

For touring shows

Regional Arts Victoria will source the touring and remount costs for each performance, most often half the cost of a performance. We also offer in-kind strategic support in the below areas:

  • Annual programming ideas
  • Budget planning
  • Marketing and communications plans
  • Technical planning for each performance, help with locating local technicians
  • Assistance some areas of your Small Regional Presenters application
  • Networking with other community presenters or performing arts centres in their region

What costs does the Community Presenter incur

When a community presenter purchases a show, they are responsible for

  • the performance fee
  • any venue running costs
  • marketing the performance, and
  • staffing your event.  

Please note, funding to assist with these costs is available through Creative Victoria's Small Regional Presenters program. 

Small Regional Presenters Program

Connecting Places is intended to work alongside Creative Victoria’s Small Regional Presenters program. If the grant application is successful the presenter can use the funds to assist with costs such as the performance fee, technical costs and marketing costs such as advertising and printing.

Please contact the Creative Victoria Team for assistance in understanding this fund. 

Fiona Beckwith: 03 8683 3137 or 1800 134 894 (toll free country Victoria only) or at

Sophine Chai: 03 8683 3164 or 1800 134 894 (toll free country Victoria only) or at

For Producers

Artists are asked to submit an Expression of Interest to be a part of the Connecting Places Program. EOIs for the 2019 program are now closed.

Selection is assisted by the Connecting Places consultative panel and facilitated by Regional Arts Victoria. Once shortlisted, a menu of shows on offer is made available in print and email format. This is sent to our network of community presenters, with timelines around registering interest.

Once interest is gathered, we offer a tour coordination service that develops and delivers a touring project throughout Victoria. This service generally includes: the building and confirmation of tour itineraries, facilitation of relationships with producers and presenters, budgeting, booking logistics, contracting, invoicing and marketing coordination. Producers are expected to undertake the pre-production responsibilities of a touring project.

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Image: Archies Creek Hall, Bruthen Mechanics Hall and Katamatite Public Hall - Community Presenters.