Community Presenter Mentorships

Mentorships 2020

Image Credit: Arts Connect Dookie by Serana Hunt-Hughes 2019

Build skills and professional networks through Regional Arts Victoria’s 2020 mentorship program for community presenters.

Regional Arts Victoria are offering five community presenters a 12 month mentorship to help further their presenting practice. Community presenters wanting to expand their skills will be matched with experienced presenters and other professionals as mentors.

Applicants are encouraged to consider the challenges that they and their committee currently experience, and how a mentor could help them to grow. The application should identify long-term aims for your committee, why presenting live performances in your community will help you achieve this, and how a mentor could support you.

Examples of previous mentorships include long-term strategic planning, improving your approach to marketing and social media, advancing technical knowledge, developing audiences, and more! This mentorship is deliberately responsive to your unique needs, so let us know what would suit you and your committee.

Applicants are welcome to name a specific mentor, or Regional Arts Victoria can source a suitable mentor based on the applicant’s desired skills development area.

2020 Mentorships Announced

2020 Mentorships Announced

Regional community presenters ARC Yinnar and Red Rock Regional Theatre & Gallery have been announced as the recipients of our 2020 Community Presenter Mentorships.

ARC Yinnar is an artist run initiative in Gippsland that offers exhibitions, performance events, studios and meeting spaces, classes, arts retail & material supplies. Through this Mentorship, they aim to increase their capacity to curate and present live performances in their community by building a strong and committed working group that will include young people. They will develop strategies to present a regular calendar of exciting and innovative events that include music and live theatre performances, digital theatre and workshops, as well as supporting local artists to present their work with the aim to increase their profile as a performing arts venue within the wider community.

After 8 years of operation, Red Rock Regional Theatre and Gallery (RRRTAG) is ready for the next phase. With plans to expand physically over the next 12 months, they intend to use this Mentorship for strategic planning. Presenting live performances in Cororooke, RRRTAG always aim for community connection above everything else and look forward to developing a shared vision of their future.