Connecting Places

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A capacity building, skills development and touring program

Connecting Places is a touring and capacity building program that supports community presenters to program quality performing arts experiences for their communities and develop sustainable presenting skills. The program offers professional development to community presenters alongside a program of touring works that are accessible and affordable.

Regional Arts Victoria recognises the important contribution made by community presenters by placing them firmly at the helm of programming for their community. We define community presenters as arts councils, halls and mechanics’ institute committees, regional festivals and local shires.

The program is aligned with Creative Victoria’s Small Regional Presenters fund, which provides funding for regional communities to program and present shows in their area.

Connecting Places has two core streams that support regional creative practice:

  • Skills Development: Mentorships, regional workshops and one-on-one planning sessions with community presenters
  • Touring: An annual program of performing arts experiences that are accessible, affordable, and technically adaptable to small halls and other community-run spaces. RAV offers marketing and technical support as part of the tour coordination process

Connecting Places aims to be responsive to the needs of regionally-based community presenters and creatives in Victoria. Please get in touch about your committee and community, ambitions and challenges, and how we may be able to help.

Anna Kennedy
Connecting Places Manager
T (03) 9644 1809

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Images: Archies Creek Hall, Bruthen Mechanics Hall and Katamatite Public Hall