Australian Children's Theatre Foundation Commission

The Trustees of the Australian Children’s Theatre Foundation (ACTF) and Regional Arts Victoria are delighted to announce the 2020 Joan and Betty Rayner ACTF Fellowship.

The ACTF continues to be a strong supporter of theatre for primary school age children across Victoria and this Fellowship will support the development of the artistic practice of an artist to the amount of $20,000. The Fellowship is open to emerging or established artists working in children’s theatre and to those wishing to diversify their practice into and across the field of theatre for young audiences.

Submissions must include the following:

  • description as to how the applicant’s work aligns with the ideals of the ACTF (here)
  • description of the impact the support provided by the Fellowship would have on furthering the artistic practice and development of the artist
  • description of the outcomes the artist is aiming to achieve
  • a sound, verifiable and viable budget indicating how the Fellowship funds might be directed
  • curriculum vitae and record of the artist’s previous work
  • list of referees and/or references as to artistic ability and reputation
  • links to any visual presentations of past performances or productions
  • a visual and audio presentation not exceeding 5 minutes by the artist indicating why the artist should be awarded the Fellowship.     

The ACTF Trustees will assess each application which successfully meets all criteria. The calibre of artist applicant and the accreditation and/or public reputation of any mentors identified, trainer or Institute providing the training, viability, substantiation of anticipated expenses and impact of proposal will be considered.

The successful applicant (“Recipient”) will be required to sign a Contractual Agreement with the ACTF in respect to the grant based on terms and timelines set down by the ACTF.


Applications will be administered by Regional Arts Victoria’s Arts & Education Manager.

Funding will be available for expenses such as interstate or international travel, course training, trainer or mentor fees, reasonable accommodation expenses (including the reasonable costs of living within the community of the culture being researched), access fees for research and other such similar expenses.      

If the applicant has previously been successful for an ACTF Commission or Fellowship then the artist will not be eligible to apply for the next two rounds of each submissions.

The Recipient will be aware and compliant with the Child Safe Standards as required by the State Government of Victoria from January 2017 (for further information:

The Recipient will be required to sign a contractual agreement with the ACTF in respect to the Fellowship grant based upon the terms and timelines set down by the ACTF. This will include an acknowledgement of the ACTF Fellowship in all marketing associated with the recipients work relating to the Fellowship.

The funding made available to the Recipient will be acquitted upon providing proof of the expenses that the Recipient will incur and confirmation of any approvals for the training or other research being undertaken. The timing for distribution of funds will be made at the discretion of the ACTF.

The ACTF reserves the right to terminate the Fellowship in the event that the artist does not expend funds in the manner or fails to meet the timing schedule approved by the Trustees.

Upon completion of the Fellowship training or research, the Recipient will be required to provide a detailed Report to the ACTF and may be required to give a presentation to the ACTF, RAV and others invited by them. 

The decision made by the ACTF Trustees will be final.


  • Expressions of Interest for application forms for the Fellowship will open in November
  • Applications must be submitted by the end of January of the following year
  • Eligible applications will be forwarded to the Trustees in early February after which the Trustees will shortlist the applications and choose the successful applicant in March of that year
  • The successful applicant will be offered the Fellowship shortly after
  • Upon signing of the contractual agreement, the successful applicant will be entitled to the Fellowship
  • The Fellowship will be granted to the Recipient by letter of confirmation or at a formal presentation
  • It is expected that the Fellowship activities will be undertaken by the Recipient within 12 months of signing the contractual agreement. Any Adjustments to this timeline will be made at the discretion of the ACTF.

Apply for the Fellowship:

Applications for the 2020 Fellowship have now closed. Please check back soon for an announcement of the successful recipient.