Flak - written and performed by Michael Veitch

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Based on his two best-selling books, Flak and Fly, well-known writer and performer Michael Veitch presents Flak - True stories from the men who flew in World War Two in which he takes on the roles of former airmen, recounting their extraordinary, true and largely untold stories of combat in the air war of 1939-45.


“Deeply researched. Acutely observed. Grippingly delivered. Whimsically detailed.

 With Flak, Michael Veitch brings to bear the art of the actor, playwright, and deeply gifted oral historian to ‘voice’ the character, and ‘recall’ the deeds of the men who flew the aircraft of World War Two.

 What he lands is one of the best, quietly gut wrenching antiwar statements you’re likely to sight this decade”. Playwright John Romeril on Michael Veitch’s Flak.

"There are few storytellers in Australia like Michael Veitch. He puts humanity and wry observation into the terrible arithmetic of air warfare.  His personal mission to honour the memory and the memories of the last of a generation who bear a remarkable witness is a special kind of theatrical experience." Dr Mark Williams, Adjunct Professor, School of Art, RMIT University

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Flak - True stories from the men who flew in World War Two