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Image: "The Valley of a Thousand Hills" - Karen Robinson

Karen's life experiences are expressed through her art.
Re The Valley of A Thousand Hills."It was in June 2010 that my daughter, my husband and I decided to travel up through the Strath Creek region of Victoria for a fishing day.  This was the first time we had all gone fishing together since the death of our son Ben on 5th November, 2009.  Ben, our 25 year old son was killed instantly in a car crash.  As a family, our lives had been shattered by his loss. It was the first time, since Ben’s death that we found the courage to go off and do something like fishing.  We went with mixed feelings and an emotional struggle, in getting truly interested in what we were doing.  But it was easy to see that it was a day of reflection, for the three of us.  

It was a beautiful, fine winter day!  The air was crisp and clean!  The area was green and the trees were in Autumn mode! As we drove through the region, my spirits were up lifted by the beauty of the area.  My daughter and husband organised themselves to fish and I went about taken photos.  I could see by the look on my daughter’s face that she was quietly reflecting.  My husband was off in another direction also deep in thought.  It was clear we were all thinking about our Ben whilst amongst Australia’s beautiful bushland.  I came away that day with my spirits lifted and a step closer to being able to live without our son in our lives.  The quietness and solitude of the day shared with my loved ones, amongst the stunning beauty and tranquillity of the area named “Valley of a Thousand Hills” Strath Creek region was all we needed to feel at peace.  Even if just for the day!  Hence, this became my inspiration for this painting called Valley of a Thousand Hills."

We welcome Karen, as a new Regional Arts Victoria member.  Karen lives in Attwood, Victoria, and describes herself as Abstract Artist/Story-teller/Photo-taker/Blogger.

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