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Growing up in gold and copper mining regions of central Queensland, Jessica now resides in the Victorian Gold Rush town of Ballarat.  Her artwork captures those early years, exploring the themes of environmental destruction, social degeneration and feminist issues in regional Queensland.

“My primary school years were spent in an ex-mining town called Mount Morgan which was almost totally reliant on the gold and copper mine for employment. After the mine closed in the late 1980’s the town went into severe economic, social and environmental decline. The local Dee River is believed to be one of Australia’s most polluted rivers being essentially a drain for the mine for over 100 years. I’ve tried to capture the lurid turquoise and orange colours of the toxic river in my paintings.”


 Image: Enhance Your Lifestlye

”This work examines the role of women in Central Queensland towns dominated by the mining industry and is based on a real-life incorrectly spelled billboard on an apparently failing homemakers centre in Rockhampton. The cultural landscape in the region is extraordinarily male dominated and provides little acknowledgement of the roles of women in society other than as either mothers or sex objects. The confused little girl in the pink dress symbolises the confusion felt by the artist as she was growing up in a region with few powerful female role models in her hyper masculine surroundings.”


Welcome new Regional Arts Victoria member, Jessica Andersen


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Capturing the impacts of a central Queensland childhood.