The Small Town Transformations book has been released!

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The Small Town Transformations book How Can Art Transform Your Town? has been released! Launched at Regional Arts Victoria’s Members’ Celebration & Annual General Meeting, former premier Ted Baillieu explained, “The Small Town Transformations program invited towns to embrace transformation through the Arts… and the program’s achievement has been remarkable.”

AGM Members Martin Foley Ted Baillieu

How Can Art Transform Your Town? documents the creative projects in five remarkable small towns: The Garden of Fire and Water in Avoca, Dookie Earthed in Dookie, Natimuk's the Verj, the Neerim Bower in Neerim South, and Ouyen's Mallee Up in Lights. 

Small Town Transformations was delivered by Regional Arts Victoria on behalf of the Victorian Government from 2012 to 2014. Each of the projects was developed by and with the community for their small town. In How Can Art Transform Your Town? you can read testimonials from each of the towns and watch their transformations unfold.

Small Town Transformations invited Victorians to think big about how art could transform their town. Across the state, nearly a third of all eligible towns with fewer than 1,500 people responded to our provocation How can art transform your town? Following an intensely competitive application process Avoca, Dookie, Natimuk, Neerim South and Ouyen were each granted $350,000 to embark on a significant artistic project that would leave a lasting legacy. 

Small Town Transformations book

You can find out more on the Small Town Transformations website and contact us to enquire about a copy of the book.

Images: Esther Anatolitis, Martin Foley MP and Ted Baillieu at our AGM & Members' Celebration, photo by Gabriella Calandro; How Can Art Transform Your Town? photo by Greg Ratten. 

'How Can Art Transform Your Town?' documents the creative projects in five remarkable small towns

How Can Art Transform Your Town