Reserved Seating Only National Tour

Posted in Communities on 20/Aug/2015 12:42

Smash-hit comedy Reserved Seating Only tours to a town near you!

Our great game viewed by an unlikely pair in the reserved section of a major football stadium. This action packed play features real-life husband and wife team David Ross Paterson (Frost/Nixon, ...Benjamin Button, Chopper) as a loud, burly football fan, and Cecelia Specht (Criminal Minds, Castle, Neighbours) as a recently divorced football widow, who has claimed her ex-husband’s tickets as part of a messy divorce settlement. As a footy “conscientious objector” she is blissfully immune to the attraction of the game and instantly locks horns with her ex-husband’s footy-mate who becomes her reluctant companion over four eventful quarters. They make a seriously mismatched couple with little to offer each other. Or do they?

David Ross Paterson and Cecelia Specht bring a wealth of experience and stories having worked with the likes of Brad Pitt, Tilda Swinton, Colin Farrell and directors Ron Howard and David Fincher. The globe-trotting pair bring their special brand of comedy and pathos to this footy classic.

Adapted and developed by
David Ross Paterson from a play by
Peter B Sonenstein.
David Ross Paterson & Cecelia Specht

Directed by
Peter Houghton (The Pitch / Howzat! / Melbourne Theatre Company Regular)

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This footy season catch David Ross Paterson and Cecelia Specht in a hilarious comedy about life, love and the footy!