Regional Arts Victoria votes 'Yes'

Posted in Communities on 14/Sep/2017 06:27

The arts can entertain us, challenge us, move us, enrage us, inspire us and change us.

At Regional Arts Victoria, we also believe in the power of the arts to show us, as a community, what we can be; what we aspire to. It's why so many of us started working in this sector in the first place.

What we can be is inclusive. Welcoming. Compassionate. We, together, can choose not to discriminate based on gender, cultural background, religion or age.

And we can choose not to discriminate against anyone because of who they love.

To our staff, volunteers, Members, artists, partners, audiences, friends and their families who currently feel excluded, unwelcome, discriminated against: we see you. We know you. We're with you.

And we vote yes.

We can be inclusive, welcoming, and compassionate.

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