Regional Arts Victoria celebrates touring programs announced on VCE Playlist

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The 2015 VCE Drama & Theatre Studies Playlist has been announced, and three of Regional Arts Victoria’s touring productions are on the list: Mother, Team of Life and I Call My Brothers have been by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority for study in 2015.

“Students across Victoria now have the opportunity to enrich their VCE learning by experiencing a performance of Mother, Team of Life and I Call My Brothers at their school or local venue,” said Esther Anatolitis, Director of Regional Arts Victoria. “What an inspiring way to learn.”

For over 40 years, Regional Arts Victoria has been the leader in providing workshops, performances and arts experiences for children and young people. Regional Arts Victoria’s Performing Arts Touring and Education & Families Program provides exciting activities and learning opportunities for children and young people that are aligned to both Victorian and Australian curriculum. Each year we tour a wealth of projects throughout regional and metropolitan Victoria, spanning far and wide. We present performances and workshops across all art forms, including music, visual arts, drama, dance and media.

“We pride ourselves on providing regional, remote and disadvantaged communities with access to the highest quality productions that stimulate young minds. These works are no exception, and we are delighted that they have been recognised by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority in this way,” said Esther Anatolitis.

Mother : Daniel Keene

Christy (Noni Hazlehurst) has found herself at the fringe of the world.  Homeless, aging, living on the outskirts of suburbia, she attracts the curiosity of the locals with the story of her colourful, troubled life. In Mother award-winning Australian playwright Daniel Keene explores the concept of homelessness as a metaphor for disconnection. Christy’s story is part truth, part fiction, and even she is no longer sure which is which. Beneath her wild exaggerations and fantastic tales of loves lost and struggles overcome there are the haunting truths that that she would rather forget.

She may have been cast out of society, but she can never escape from herself.

Mother, a one-woman play written for acclaimed, award winning actor Noni Hazlehurst (City Homicide, A Place To Call Home, The Heretic), is the newest work from Daniel Keene (Boxman, Life Without Me, The Serpent’s Teeth) directed by his long-time collaborator Matt Scholten.

KAGE : Team of Life

If you thought of your life as a team: who would be your coach? Who is protecting your goals? Who is cheering you on? What is your team defending? Team of Life harnesses the power of two great dramatic traditions ‒ sports and theatre and spans several generations, languages and codes. Sport, theatre, dance and music meet head-on in this new work. Performed by professional dancers, actors and rising sports stars, Team of Life honours both the great Australian game and the world game: Aussie Rules and football.

Team of Life was devised from a methodology which uses sporting metaphors to help young people overcome hardship. Informed by workshops with young refugees and Aboriginal youth, Team of Life tells of their search for different kinds of freedom, dissolving the boundaries between sport, theatre and identity.

Fresh from the World Premiere at the 2014 Melbourne Festival Team of Life is as directed by Kate Denborough and written by David Denborough.

Advice for schools and teachers: Team of Life is inspired by the real life story of David Nyuol Vincent, a former child soldier. Schools are advised to contact the theatre company directly to discuss any concerns or sensitivities.

Melbourne Theatre Company: I Call My Brothers

A car has exploded. A city has been crippled by fear. Amor wanders around the city, doing his best to blend in. He’s going to exchange a drill head. He’s going to call his brothers. He’s going to stop stalking Valeria and take care of his long-since-dead grandma. Most important of all: he must not attract any suspicious glances. But what is normal behaviour? Who is a potential perpetrator? And how many times can Shavi call in one day?

For 24 intense hours we find ourselves in Amor’s head, where the lines between criminal and victim, love and chemistry, and fantasy and reality become blurrier and blurrier.

Written by Jonas Hassen Khemiri & translated by Rachel Willson-Broyles. 

Image Noni Hazlehurst in Mother credit Daniel Keene of If Theatre

Regional Arts Victoria celebrates three touring programs announced on VCE Drama & Theatre Studies Playlist.