Funding From Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Posted in Communities on 28/Nov/2014 12:24

Regional Arts Victoria is delighted to announce our 2015-2017 triennial funding from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s Strategic Partnerships Program towards our Education & Families Program.

This funding will ensure we can continue to provide high quality arts programs that stimulate and inspire young minds across Victoria. This was a highly competitive process, recognising and valuing the work that Regional Arts Victoria does in improving educational outcomes in the arts for both students and teachers.

Regional Arts Victoria’s Education & Families Program is designed to:

  • Provide high quality artistic experiences for young people that have been selected by experts in the arts and education sectors
  • Develop programs to suit audiences with various levels of previous experiences in the arts, encouraging them become active and engaged creators and participants in arts
  • Reduce barriers, including those of geography, socio-economic status and accessibility, to ensure accessibility to all young people to benefit from our programs
  • Ensure our diverse program has something for people of all ages, including offerings which “support the supporters” so that parents, teachers, families and community members are better equipped to support young people to participate in the arts.

Ranging from one-off performances through to week-long, in-depth residency programs in schools, Regional Arts Victoria’s Education & Families programs will be based on school, teacher and learner needs. The Strategic Partnerships Program funding will also support our workshops, online resources, and professional advice to teachers to allow schools to tailor and deepen their level of involvement.

Suzi Cordell Education & Families Manager said that she believed “we have a responsibility through our program to be developing children and a society of people who can think and use their creativity. In the words of Sir Ken Robinson ‘I believe that the arts should be on an equal footing in schools with the sciences, humanities, languages and physical education’. The arts are an essential part of a person’s education and are a great way to help our young people contribute and lead more enriched lives”.

Regional Arts Victoria celebrates funding from Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development