Funding available for Small Regional Presenters

Posted in Communities on 26/Oct/2017 04:17

Are you applying for the current round of Small Regional Presenters

As a local arts council, halls committee, local government or not-for-profit community association wishing to present touring performances in your town, you are eligible for up to $15,000 a year in funding. 

Small Regional Presenters provides funding for regional communities to program and present shows. If you want to present a performance before June next year, this fund is there to assist you. But there are only three weeks left to apply!

Looking for a show to put on in your town? 

Check out our Connecting Places program; a selection of fantastic tour-ready shows that are sure to engage and inspire your community.

Need a hand? 

If you would like some support and helpful hints in writing your application, Regional Arts Victoria staff are on hand to assist. We are happy to review your written application and go over your budget figures. 

Please note we will need to receive your application by Monday 13 November, to ensure a proper review. You can email your drafts to any time before this. 

$15,000 available for community presenters

Moyhu Auditorium