The Rex Theatre Charlton

Operating 3 weekly film sessions - Saturday 8pm, Sunday 2pm and Tuesday 8pm - the Rex is an historical gem of Art Deco cinema.

Along with commercial screenings the Rex also provides film events for special interest groups, schools, and fundraising activities, along with the annual Charlton Film Festival (late February) which is co-ordinated by Charlton Arts.

Community owned and operated, the Rex presents live performance, touring groups and opportunities for communal workshops, conferences and other social events. It has hosted a wedding and a funeral, so the possibilities are limitless!

A welcoming and friendly ambience is ensured thanks to the many volunteers who give their time and who share a passion and pride in their local cinema.

Retaining the 1938 styling, there have been subtle upgrades to ensure all levels of patron comfort and address technological change.

A feature of the Charlton township, the Rex provides an opportunity to experience movie-going as an event!

A true surviver, having overcome a turbulent past, the Rex celebrates 80 Glorious Years  in 2018 with a year full of exciting features planned.

Come see for yourself! 

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The 1938 Art Deco Rex Theatre, Charlton is a fully community owned and volunteer operated enterprise which presents film and live entertainment for communities in the North West region of the state. Combining traditional film and digital screening capabilities, the historical ambiance of the Rex is a feature of the Charlton township, as well as offering cultural potential for the region.

30-34 High St, Charlton, 3525
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