David Higgins

Art and design ... ecological consciousness ... unconditional.

David's work communicates a love of nature; the living earth. His work is directed and intuitive visual communication and attempts to shape a positive response to being human in an ever changing world that must address the ecological crisis that is upon us. His work creates stillness and evokes an emotional  response regardless to whom the viewer is. David has worked professionally as an artist for national and international clients, institutions and businesses for over 37 years. He was the first resident artist for the Zoological Board of Victoria, has been commissioned serval times to produce postage stamps by Australia Post. He has worked for various major advertising agencies, exhibits regularly both here in Australia and overseas. He has a textile business, produces sculptures and has published 2 books of his artworks. He has a Masters of Art Degree, majoring in Ecological art and has an extensive teaching experience at univeristy level. He maintains both a fine art and commercial art attitude  towards his art production. These days David lives in a small coastal town of Warrnambool where he operates his studio and enjoys making art.

Art production sculpture, textiles, drawing, painting, design, photography. Fine and commercial art practice. The nature of spirit and healing.

Warrnambool, 3280
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