Public & Products Liability Insurance – Frequently Asked Questions for Individual Members

The following are questions we regularly receive with regard to Public & Products Liability Insurance Cover (referred to in this document as the ‘Insurance’), for Regional Arts Victoria Individual Members. If you have further questions, please call Christine Foster at City Rural Insurance Brokers on telephone 1300 887 429. 

Q.  I am one of several artists working from the same studio. Do we all require individual Insurance policies, or can we apply as a group?
A.   The Insurance scheme is open to individuals only. You cannot apply as a group under this scheme.


Q.  I will be teaching from several different locations and with varying numbers of students. Will this Insurance cover me for all of these or only one?
A.   The Insurance scheme policy covers you anywhere in Australia for up to 20 students per workshop. If you have over 20 students, this must be referred to City Rural Insurance Brokers and the insurer for approval and may incur additional charges.

Q.  Will the Insurance cover my artworks and materials? And, if not, can I extend my policy to
       cover these?
A.   No, your own artwork and/or materials are not covered, and the policy cannot be extended to include. On request, City Rural Insurance Brokers may be able to assist in providing a quote for Transit & Exhibition cover as a separate policy. You should contact them directly for a quotation and further details.

Q. What does “Goods in care, custody and control” mean?
A.   This section is an automatic cover under the policy, covering any items that may be in your care,
      you are responsible for, and/or owned by a third party, if you are found negligent in causing damage.


Q. I am an installation artist and will be hiring others to assist with the installation and audio visual
effects. Will they be covered under the Insurance policy?
A.   No, contractors and sub-contractors will not be covered as the Insurance scheme policy covers individuals only. Contractors and sub-contractors must take out their own insurance policies if they wish to be covered.


Q. I am a director/film-maker. Can I be covered by this Insurance?
A.    This depends on the information you provide and the size and/or scale of your work as a director/film maker. Decisions for directors/film-makes are made on a case-by-case basis, based on the insurance application form, and assessed by City Rural Insurance Brokers and the insurer.


Q. How do I know if I require $10 million or $20 million cover?
A.   It’s each member’s choice which limit they are happy to accept. You will need to keep in mind that some venues you use or enter may insist on the higher limit;  eg a local government organised artist event  or school, will often  request $20 million cover.

Q.  I sell my art/craft at various markets in Australia. Will the Insurance cover me for this?
A.   Yes. The Insurance scheme policy covers you anywhere in Australia.

Q.  I’m having a one-off exhibition/performance. Do I have to take out a twelve month policy?
A.   Yes. The premium charged for the Insurance scheme is a minimum deposit premium and is the same cost for one day or up to 12 months. The insurer will only accept a 12 month policy and this will cover you for all your exhibitions, sale of your artwork, attending markets, using a studio space and/or teaching your craft for up to 20 students per workshop. 

As at 16 October 2013