List of Successful Project Grant Applicants


Ms Elise Cakebread
Texture at Scale - Addressing Scope and Sustainability
This fellowship will address scale, scope and sustainability within Elise Cakebread's textile based art practice, producing research that will create a framework for future community based projects that will expand her practice and audience.


Ms Michelle Dunn
Picture Change Image Library
Picture Change Image Library will, in collaboration with diverse members of the community, create a vibrant suite of images that show diversity and challenge stereotypes and gender roles in regional Victoria.

Ms Eloise Wood
Barwon Downs

ELEVATE will be a new project of hope and connection which aims to engage communities and families across the Colac Otway Shire in large-scale puppetry making, stiltwalking, creative dance and storytelling workshops by WildHoney Performing Arts.

South West Local Learning and Employment Network

South West Mini MESS
South West Mini MESS will bring the Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio’s collection of iconic synthesisers to the Fletcher Jones Factory site for a week-long masterclass in electronic sound in Warrnambool.

Miss Chelle Destefano
North Wonthaggi
Presentation of Deaf Stories exhibition and public programs in regional Victoria
Chelle Destefano (Deaf, Regional artist) with Deaf Community and hearing collaborator Claire Bridge will launch and present  'What I Wish I’d Told You', a multi-channel projection and immersive installation exhibition which will centre Deaf voices, agency, identity and culture at Arts Space Wodonga.


Venous ReturnVenous Return will be a performance work devised with an ensemble that includes people with disability, and will extend theatre practice by making use of visual arts installation aesthetics and augmented reality.

Golden Plains Shire Council
Living Sculptures Project
The Living Sculptures Project will involve the creation of a large scale ephemeral sculpture in Golden Plains Shire via an Artist in Residence Program, which will be created from rock installations and plantings.

Kyneton Contemporary Inc
Digital Communications and Marketing Mentorship/Skills Development for Kyneton Contemporary Art Triennial
Kyneton Contemporary Inc. will employ regionally-based Paul Mylecharane from Public Office to provide skill development and mentoring for its volunteer committee in marketing, design and communication for the 2021 Kyneton Contemporary Art Triennial.

Ms Caz Walsh
Campbells Creek

Circus Under the Stars
Caz Walsh will develop and present 'Circus Under the Stars', a contemporary circus project that will tour to the regional communities of Maryborough and Ararat.

Ms Verity Higgins
Mount Pleasant

Ballarat-based artists’ collective, the Pitcha Making Fellas, will run a series of workshops in Natimuk with interested Natimuk community members, decorating 12‑16 old fridges with images of endangered plant species, which will be displayed as a trail around Natimuk for the NatiFrinj.


  • Helen Bodycomb
  • Julie Dyer
  • Troy Firebrace
  • Marion Matthews
  • Jillian Pearce
  • Rebecca Russell
  • Ian Tully



Dr Thembi Soddell
Liquid Architecture and Clunes Neighbourhood House
Sound artist and researcher Dr Thembi Soddell will investigate a question essential to sustainability and innovation in regional arts: how can an individual, experimental art practice be sustainable and relevant in a rural location? Activities will resituate Soddell’s metropolitan-centred art practice to their hometown of Clunes, forming partnerships between Australia’s leading sound art organisation, Liquid Architecture, Clunes Free Library and Clunes Neighbourhood House. Research will include documenting conversations with regional artists, curators, and community members about regional arts, presenting a series of local events around Soddell’s work on sound, trauma and mental health, and seeding an ongoing program partnership with Liquid Architecture.


Arena Theatre Company
Arena Theatre Company collaboration with The Bendigo South Sudanese Women's Ensemble
Arena Theatre Company will provide a mentoring program for women aged 14-62 in the local South Sudanese community in Bendigo. Developing an original theatre production, participants will have access to artistic support, mentoring and mental health support whilst creating a new work that shares their culture and experiences as recently arrived refugees.

Myrtleford Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc
Myrtleford Mosaic Trail
This project will engage the Myrtleford community by bringing to life a large scale mosaic work of art on a prominent building wall, with the theme “Love the Life”®. A multi-stemmed gumtree will be embedded with images of what the community loves about their town and surrounds. It will provide employment opportunities for two local artists, developing skills in mosaic technique whilst adding to the popular Myrtleford Mosaic Trail.

PhoneHeads HorsHam
PhoneHeads is a work that uses physical movement, dance and sound to engage with audiences in public spaces. Performers in this project will be drawn from two arts companies, one based in Bendigo (CreateAbility) and the other in Horsham (Art Matters). The creative teams and performers from both companies will prepare the performance in workshops shared between Bendigo and Horsham, as well as develop material and rehearse separately in their home towns. The work will be performed by members of both companies in Horsham on International Day for People With Disability in 2021.

WinterWild Apollo Bay
Apollo Bay
The DogWatch for WinterWild Apollo Bay
This project involves a specially commissioned large-scale fireside public art performance over two weekends for Apollo Bay's WinterWild Festival. A merging of dance, music, puppetry and theatre will bring community and professional artists together in a wild celebration of the deep winter darkness on the Great Ocean Road.

The Village Festival of New Performance Inc
The Village Parade Games Benalla
The Game is a large-scale, interactive project and community competition. This project will involve local artists working with The Village facilitators to bring together community members to work on a Parade around a community sculptural installation work that will be incorporated into the wider event.

Lakes Entrance
Blue Horizons
Uncle Frank Harrison (Bidawal Wurundjeri) will build work with Fringe Dweller Films and Wurinbeena to use the documentary format to explore his story and pursue vital questions.

Heard Instinct Collective
Heard on the Move
Heard on the Move is about visibility and voice for young artists of colour living on Yorta Yorta country. Through collaborative processes of mentoring and professional/creative development with partners Multicultural Arts Victoria and Creamy Spies, Heard Instinct Collective will produce a debut album, The Heard Artists' Lounge. This project will also involve a new weekly open studio workshop series to support and develop skills of other local young artists of colour, and a showcase event to launch the album and create a platform for young artists of colour on Yorta Yorta country.


  • Rebecca Russell
  • John Willis
  • Gareth Hart
  • Helen Bodycomb
  • Irene Pagram
  • Julie Dyer
  • Forest Keegal


Ms Rosalind Crisp

Orbost Exhibition Centre artist-in-residence (dance)
This fellowship will enable Rosalind to take up the position of artist-in-residence (dance) at Orbost Exhibition Centre. Throughout 2020, Rosalind will develop three strands of activity: solo dance research practice; community engagement through performances, showings and open studio sessions; and professional development Labs and workshops for dance artists across the region. The Orbost Exhibition Centre and surrounding environmentally sensitive sites will be the arena for her activities. This program has the potential to serve as a pilot project for an ongoing residency program at Orbost Exhibition Centre.


Dr Merrilee Moss

Running with Emus
This project is to launch the new play Running with Emus by Cohuna playwright Merrilee Moss with two performances on a verandah in the Gannawarra forest. Rehearsals and production will provide professional development for young regional performers, allowing them to work with older, experienced artists. The project will provide employment opportunities for regional artists and performers will run an acting workshop for locals. Running with Emus is about the conflicts and dynamics that arise in a small town as it considers becoming a ‘Refugee Friendly Town’.

Lake Bolac Eel Festival
Lake Bolac

2020 Lake Bolac Eel Festival Facilitator
The Lake Bolac Eel Festival is a grassroots community festival managed by a committee of volunteers. The Festival has operated successfully since 2005, bringing people together for conversation and learning by celebrating indigenous culture and the environment. The goal of this project is to build capacity within the volunteer committee through careful review of the current organisational structure, building protocols for future festivals and promoting better teamwork processes.

Mr Luke O'Connor

The Frankenbike project will involve a group of young men working with three local Clunes artists to create strange, sculptural but ultimately rideable creations. Imagine throwing a bunch of bike parts into a blender with a healthy dose of youthful enthusiasm, then with the assistance of a steel fabricator/poet these will become bikes like you've never seen before. These reimagined pedal powered creations will become part of our community celebrations throughout the year and into the future while showcasing the creative potential of our local teenage boys.

Malmsbury Village Fayre

A Fayre Future
Malmsbury Village Fayre is a day of arts and culture designed for the whole family to enjoy. Held in the historic Botanic Gardens, the Fayre engages with and celebrates its community, showcasing the best of our little town. With attendance doubling in the last three years, there is a crucial need for the Fayre to plan for sustainable growth. This project will engage an expert consultant to build capacity within the volunteer committee so that they can develop a Strategic Plan and establish ongoing partnerships and collaborations.

Art is... festival

Future surface
Young people will participate in facilitated sessions on climate change, crop adaptation and new technologies. They will learn animation and be inspired working to explore a future Horsham and how they might adapt to a changing world. The outcome will be an augmented reality tour of Horsham where audience will first view art works that the young people have created and then through a smart phone the image will animate or augment to show an idea or tell a story.

La Trobe University Bendigo
Flora Hill

Care: art and ethics: an exhibition series
This project supports the development and exhibition of new work by ten regional Victorian visual artists. Exhibitions and public programming in Bendigo, Castlemaine, Mildura, Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, will explore the ethics of care as a framework for contemporary Australian art practice. Art has been a key area to explore alternative value systems and modes of relating that are not beholden to economic rationalism. This exhibition series will contribute new perspectives on meeting the serious challenges of our times through artists caring for environment, for democracy, for the vulnerable, and for self.

Mr Clayton Tremlett

Anzac Spirits
Anzac Spirits is a topological print survey of all forty-six ANZAC ‘Digger’ memorials in the state of Victoria. It documents the facial appearance of each ‘Digger’ as they appear today, to promote comparative analysis of the ANZAC identity as it was immortalised almost a century ago.

Gallery Kaiela Inc TA Kaiela Arts Shepparton

Yurri Wala Woka- Fresh water Country
A cross artform project to build the physical performance and digital technology for outdoor projection skills of Aboriginal artist & community members of Kaiela Arts. Up to 30 local Aboriginal artists and community members of all ages will be involved in this project, the outcome of which will be three to four public performances as part of the ShepARTon Festival in March 2020. The long term outcome will be the building of a performance troop who have the technical and artistic capability of building a regular performance for audiences to gain an immersive, visceral introduction to local Aboriginal history, culture and On Country experience.


  • Helen Bodycomb
  • Sharon Custers
  • Chelsea Hatherall
  • Erin McCuskey
  • Adam Simmons


Mr Mark Hooper

Found Sound Gippsland by Paddock Digital
Found Sound Gippsland by Paddock Digital is a project that encompasses the collecting of unique field recordings from the Gippsland area, in order to capture the sonic ecology of time and place. From this, an online sound database will be created that can be used and accessed by the public for usage of sounds in digital media works, music compositions or for educational purposes. As part of the project at least four performance workshops will teach digital media skills in regional areas, particularly focused on sound recording and how to use the database.

Castlemaine Chamber Players

$ 6,000
Castlemaine Children's Choir and String Quartet
This project includes the commission of a musical composition for children's choir and string quartet by composer Wendy Rowlands and performance of the composition in Castlemaine. The composition will be based on a regional theme. It will bring the community together and further the development of children's musical education. It will give the Castlemaine Chamber Players string ensemble and the Castlemaine Children's Choir a new work for their repertoire that is contemporary and relevant to the local area, with resonance to other regional areas of Victoria.

Baw Baw Arts Alliance

Pat, the Dog
Drawing inspiration from the work of Jeff Koons who constructed a "disarming, non-threatening, peaceful and happy puppy" at the Guggenheim Museum, Baw Baw Arts Alliance aim to construct a 2-metre-high dog. In a tribute to the internationally renowned mosaicist Maery Gabriel who lived in Baw Baw, the dog will be covered with a community made patchwork of mosaic. Once finished Pat, The Dog will be positioned on the north side of the highway in Yarragon, next to the Station Gallery.

Ms Catherine Wheeler
Sandy Point

The Big House
Visual Artists Kate Shone and Catherine Blamey Wheeler's sculptural collaboration The Big House is based on Kate's family history and secret illegitimacy. They have an opportunity to exhibit the work in Shrewsbury, England, where the story began. The project will also be shown in East and South Gippsland, accompanied by a skills transfer forum and workshops. This provides an opportunity for community members to acknowledge their own forgotten ancestries, and to create a memorial lead-light emblem in acknowledgment of forgotten female forbears.

Ms Jenny Peterson

Printed Garden, Naturefact Artifact
This project involves the artistic development and presentation of new prints made with found objects and botanical specimens of the Wimmera. Jenny Peterson will collaborate with local community to create work to showcase at the Nati Frinj Festival 2019.

Ms Georgia MacGuire

Ngardang Girri Kalat Mimini Art Exhibition and cultural workshop series
Nardang Girri Kalat Mimini (a Victorian Aboriginal women's arts collective) is having its first large scale exhibition which celebrates Victorian Indigenous women artists living in regional areas. Professional development for regional Victorian Aboriginal women artists and Aboriginal community development will be a focus, with six cultural and art workshops taking place in the area throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Ballarat International Foto Biennale Inc
Ballarat North

$ 15,000
Foto Voice: Photographically Documenting Residents of Wendouree
Foto Voice is a community engagement photographic event developed with Stockland Wendouree, Wendouree Neighbourhood Centre, Wendouree residents and the Ballarat International Foto Biennale (BIFB). Utilising a portable studio, local stories will be gathered by Ballarat artist Erin McCuskey.. The outcome of this project is a major exhibition during BIFB 2019 comprising of photographs ‘wallpapered’ to studio and surrounds, alongside film display inside the studio.

Punctum Inc

Gateway is a mentorship program forging long-term alliances between artists, arts workers, makers, designers, musicians and performers from the Hazara, South Sudanese and Karen communities of regional Victoria with Punctum associated professional contemporary artists. Running over seven months, the program will open a gateway to new work production and professional practice for artists from these three communities.

Ms Rebecca Vandyk

Maternal Journal for Health
This pilot project immerses people in the final stages of their pregnancy in the act of art journaling, as an aid to mental wellbeing. Participants are led through 6 specific sessions of an arts-for-health process, learning various 2D art media and techniques to enable mindful creativity.

Theatre 451 Inc
St Andrews

THE WIFE is a devised hybrid theatre work that will use narrative, physical, audio, and puppetry performance techniques to explore issues experienced by women that find themselves in the unexpected role of the carer. THE WIFE will be created from interviews with women and will examine the treatment of ‘the other’ in the health care system and the tenuous balancing act that is the role of advocate vs. carer.

Murtoa Stick Shed Committee of Management

Stick Shed Residency
The Murtoa Stick Shed is an iconic heritage listed grain store built in 1941. The space is unique, like a rustic cathedral, with incredible acoustics. The committee will hold an artist’s residency with Natimuk artists Dave Jones, Anthony Schellens and Jillian Pearce that explores the artistic possibilities of the space and develops a new show that transforms the space and draws tourism to the region.

Mx Karoline Morwitzer

As the World is my Witness
As the World is my Witness is a documentary film shot on 16mm by artist Karoline Morwitzer and looks at the ecology of forests connected to logging operations in far east Gippsland and the implications of tactics conservationists use to preserve them. The film will employ natural decay techniques, archival material, interviews, and field recordings and will result in a public screening in the remote community of Goongerah, a workshop with the Lake Tyers community through FLOAT, and national and international festival distribution. It will be produced in partnership with the Artist Film Workshop and the Goongerah Environment Centre.

Such As They Are
Campbells Creek

Once and For All
Once and For All is a performance developed with the community's input and direct participation. Piloted in 2018 as part of Regional Centre for Culture, it tells the story of the people buried in local cemeteries. Through associated workshops, it also creates space to discuss the topic of death. This grant will develop the performance, workshop and community participation skills. It will also create promotional material and allow Such As They Are to explore the production's marketability and touring potential.



  • Eliza Smith (Creative Victoria)
  • Irene Pagram (Chair)
  • Helen Bodycomb
  • Julie Dyer
  • Chelsea Hatherall
  • Erin M McCuskey
  • John Willis


Rosalind Crisp - case study  Short Film

DIRt #4
‍DIRt (Dance In Regional disasTer zones) develops dance that responds to environmental issues of significance to the local community, fostering sustainable arts practice by regional performance artists living in far East Gippsland. DIRt #4 is a three-week project with East Gippsland professional dancer/choreographer Rosalind Crisp and regional NSW multi-media artist Vic McEwan, working in the Swift’s Creek community and on nearby Mt. Delusion, where widespread logging is converting mixed-aged native forests into vast agricultural mono-crops. The artists will develop dance, video, photo and sound recording materials for a performance on site and two installations at East Gippsland Art Gallery, Bairnsdale. 

Lynden Nicholls
Ballarat East

Facing Up
Facing Up is a continuous sound installation commenting on prime ministerial statements concerning the status and well-being of Australia’s Indigenous population from federation to the present day. Issues such as land rights, citizenship and treaty are revealed. It will take place along Ballarat’s avenue of prime ministers in the botanical gardens bringing the statues to life. Opening and closing performances will involve Indigenous and non-Indigenous actors and dancers along with a smoking ceremony and welcome to country. Facing Up is a part of the Biennale of Australian Art held in Ballarat for six weeks from 21 September 2018.

Spa Country Events Group Inc.

The Mosquito: Community Storytelling
The Mosquito is dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling. Modelled on story slams, ‘The Moth’ in New York and ABC’s ‘Now Hear This’, the series is unique in aiming to tell the story of the local community by focusing the slam themes to elicit the story of the Hepburn Shire. Storytelling workshops will be conducted by local storyteller Anne E Stewart and offered to community groups and individuals to help prepare their stories. These workshops will be followed by storytelling heats, run over 10 consecutive Thursdays culminating in an event to choose the “Mosquito” winner. The stories would be recorded for podcast and vidcast.

The BIG Picture Space Inc.

WTF: Worlds That Find-us
Words That Find-us is a collaborative art project between Aboriginal artist Ronald Edwards Pepper and non - Aboriginal artist PollyannaR. Together they will explore and document how two contemporary artists negotiate their social identity within the context of culture. This project hopes to inspire a new hybrid language that can replace slang in younger generations of Gippslandians as a simple way to acknowledge Aboriginal history and respect in today's world. The final outcome for the project will be to condense everything learned in working together into an online resource to be delivered as a workshop series as a strategy of healing in the region.

Lakes Entrance

Secrets of Bung Yarnda
Secrets of Bung Yarnda aims to document the lives of the older residents of Bung Yarnda (Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust) and the surrounding Lakes area on film. Elders hold stories of an era past: bush births, removal of children, “life on the mish” and picking beans for Italians. The project will integrate film training for locals into the process, building the next generation of artists through engagement with Vincent Lamberti of Fringe Dweller Films. The created films will be screened locally in community celebration, be made available via the web, and be part of the Public Records Office of Victoria state collection.

Falls Creek Resort Management  Case Study
Falls Creek

Mountains of Memories, Falls Creek community stories in sculpture and art
This project will engage the women of Falls Creek in weaving workshops with renowned Yorta Yorta possum skin cloak maker, printmaker, sculptor, weaver and painter Dr Treahna Hamm. She will use ski clothing/material embellished with endangered flora to co-create a new body of work. The project will allow the community, and its 700,000 annual visitors, to consider Falls Creek’s significant ancient past and contemplate issues of climate change and what we might learn from an Indigenous perspective about our connection to the land. The works will be exhibited outdoors at Falls Creek in spring/summer 2019 and inside during winter 2019.

Wide Open Road Art

This Moment Becomes More than the Map
This Moment Becomes More than the Map is a regional art event/installation drawing on the experiences of 10 local participants (including 5 regional artists) to explore the space between geographical and phenomenological mapping. Participants will be tracked over 24 hours as they navigate Castlemaine, their geographical movements monitored for interpersonal connections, also recorded as photographs or notes gathered by participants. This event will be exhibited publicly at the Phee Broadway in Castlemaine as an interactive piece, inviting public engagement and accompanied by an evening of artist talks.

Samantha Bews  Breaking Bread Youtube   Case Study

Breaking Bread: A Dementia Awareness Cafe
Breaking Bread: A Dementia Awareness Cafe is a live art installation conceived of and directed by theatre artist Samantha Bews, in collaboration with sculptor Eliza-Jane Gilchrist. It will take place for three days from September 6-8, 2018. The project is a partnership with The Good Loaf Sourdough Bakery and Cafe in Bendigo, central Victoria. The project challenges prejudices within Western medical diagnostic systems that refer to 'higher' and 'lower' cortical function, seeking to reframe how we perceive a person with dementia, and create new pathways for inclusion and worth.

Kirsten Bradley

Why Listen to Bees?
A new collaboration between permaculture educators ‘Milkwood’ (Nick Ritar and Kirsten Bradley) and national sound art organisation ‘Liquid Architecture’, Why Listen to Bees is a sound art project exploring the world of the honeybee. As apiarists, Milkwood’s daily observation of their beehive provides complex insights into health, mood and sociality of their bees via the sounds of the hive. Using this ‘bee listening’ as an artistic point of departure, this project stages an array of listening encounters - music, lecture-performances, poetry and soundwalks - in a sonic investigation of bees in Hepburn.

Glenlyon Progress Association  Case Study

Nature devours art
In this project the relationship of art to its environment will be explored and ecological awareness will be created, by fusing human creativity and natural surroundings. An artist-in-residence (Jodie Goldring) and an environmental education consultant (Nicole Howie) will be employed to lead the community in identifying and gathering indigenous and exotic plants growing alongside the riparian zone of the Loddon River. Under their guidance, the community will work together to create impermanent eco-sculptures and structures using natural and found objects. The works are intended to be gradually absorbed back into the landscape by the elements.

Basketry and Fibre Arts Forum

Weaving Connections: Basketry & Fibre Arts Forum
Weaving Connections: Basketry & Fibre Arts Forum, held in September at ‘Lot 19’ in Castlemaine, aims to bring together Indigenous and non-Indigenous practitioners on the land of the Dja Dja Wurrung People to celebrate the Regional Centre for Culture. The focus is cultural exchange fostering greater understanding, building protocols and improving networks. Practitioners will meet to share cultural experiences and discuss the function of weaving in their lives and communities. The forum will feature guest speakers, facilitated discussion, participatory workshops and community artwork creating a Bunjil’s nest.

Elly Poletti

Leongatha Music Camp
Elly Poletti has developed an all-abilities extra-curricular music camp to be run over a three-day period in Leongatha. The Leongatha Music Camp will allow young people and professional local and Melbourne-based musicians and teachers an opportunity to collaborate and create music. The camp will include young people from 10-18 years and will allow them to make new connections while learning new skills. They will immerse themselves in a musical experience that is not often available in small rural towns such as Leongatha. It is an opportunity to celebrate the talent within South Gippsland and build the performing arts culture of the region.

Shepparton Arts Festival Inc.

My Landscape
My Landscape is a project that will collect stories from local people, describing their connection to the areas’ landscapes. These stories will be collected, collated and shared with a number of new and established participant artists from the Greater Shepparton region, who will communicate the stories in their chosen medium. Participant artists will be supported through a skills development experience with selected lead regional artists and a highly accomplished mentor. The resulting works will be exhibited as part of the 2019 Shepparton Festival.

South Gippsland Shire Council

It’s no drama
It's no drama, an emerging inclusive theatre group for people with disabilities, evolved from partnership with South Gippsland Shire Council beginning in December 2015. This project will involve the creation of a new original work by the ensemble, with mentorship by Rawcus, and a new partnership with local film production house, Drift Media. It aims to further engage the community in original theatre, with the added dimension of film. Drift Media will mentor ensemble members to produce a short film about the process. A panel of ensemble/enablers will “tour" the film as part of Come and Play - All of May. The project will also engage with local schools to deliver the film/panel/workshop experience for students, educators and the community.


  • Tania Grant (Creative Victoria)
  • Rebecca Russell (Chair)
  • Karen Whitaker Taylor 
  • Marion Matthews
  • James Lawson
  • Gareth Hart
  • Verity Higgins


Joanne Watt

Theatrecraft Youth Unlimited - The Places You'll Go - new works for young actors by emerging playwrights
This project will challenge regional theatre directors and young actors through a residential intensive drama project in Gippsland and Bendigo. Preparing and presenting new works by young Australian emerging playwrights, Didem Caia & Steph Clark, with changes to creative team/cast, with core people as constant throughout. Participants will be exposed to diversity in directorial style, interpretation, cast and venues and the project extends the directors' and performers' experiences and skills.

Awaken Dance Theatre Company Voyage Highlights Reel

Voyage will be an original dance theatre work created in regional Victoria by Awaken Dance Theatre Company as a collaboration between dancers (aged 12-30) and creative director Kyla McGregor. The intentions are to perform at the SheppARTon Festival in 2018 and to engage young and upcoming artists in the areas of dance, sound design, music composition, costume design and the steering committee. The piece will explore ideas about journeys, including personal stories, and movement potential will be developed through workshops and exploration activities. This is a newly formed dance theatre group including various socioeconomic and multicultural backgrounds.

Art Is...Festival - case study

Festoon will transform the Horsham Town Hall, creating a large scale installation with community: the likes of which has never been seen. Community groups, schools and organisations will work together to achieve an installation spectacular during the 2018 Art is...Festival. Established artists working with community will re-imagine HorshamTown Hall's interior in captivating and unexpected ways. The Town Hall will awaken past glories with a new and thoughtful take on traditional transformative decoration. The foyer will be enlivened with monumental installations showcasing the different corners of our community: the nuance of our varied identities, enriching the nature of the extensive collaboration.

Pam Southerington   Case Study

LOLA (Linton On Literary Arts)
LOLA (Linton on Literary Arts) will be a multi-arts storytelling development project that will tell the story of past and present Linton. LOLA's diverse opportunities to connect and share stories will bring together tree-changers and long-term residents, town folks and farmers within the district and beyond. This project will culminate in a vibrant celebratory event of storytelling that will put Linton on the map and revitalise its main street.

Lake Bolac Eel Festival Inc  Case Study
Lake Bolac

Illuminating Culture and Country
Two large, robust, illuminated sculptures of iconic animals and birds of the Victorian Volcanic Plains, and a large, suspended, illuminated Kuyang (short-finned eel) will be created by Natimuk artist Dave Jones for the 2018 Lake Bolac Eel Festival. Indigenous community members will provide cultural guidance on design and construction. The sculptures will be brought to life at the Festival with music, dance and story-telling exploring the festival theme of “Care for Country, Care for Culture, Care for Community”. A youth orchestra and community choir will join Indigenous dancers to lead this ceremony welcoming the sculptures to Country.

The Village Festival of New Performance 

Iron Horse Drive-In
Following a creative development process in 2017, The Village will present Iron Horse Drive-In, A Ritual in Fire, Light and Sound, to be presented at the Newstead Racecourse as the pinnacle event of the 2018 Village Winter Festival. The arena spectacular performance will incorporate fire art, pyrotechnics, archery, sculpture, music, and choreographed hot rod cars and machinery. Community members can watch standing (or seated) at the edge of the arena, or otherwise from their cars parked around the perimeter. The soundtrack will be broadcast, via community radio, through the cars' sound systems.

Punctum Inc 

Nomadic Public Cooling House
The Nomadic Public Cooling House will be part art house, part bath house. In times of global warming, the Cooling House proposes an artistic, architectural, and cross-cultural gathering place for public cooling as a response. Placed in Castlemaine Botanical Gardens, attendants will invite the public in to beat the heat in a contemporary interpretation of nomadic desert architecture which combines ingenious cooling system and flat pack design, with re-purposed materials and rig strapping. terracotta water pools, recorded stories of culturally diverse connections to water and traditional bathing practices, soundscapes, live talks, and performance fill the ‘House’ and await the public.


  • Jeremy Gaden (Creative Victoria)
  • Karen Whitaker Taylor (Chair)
  • Julie Dyer
  • Mik Frawley
  • Bayden Clayton


ACT Natimuk  Case Study

Possible Not
A collaboration between physical theatre group Asking for Trouble, the Wimmera Women's Circus and local youth gymnasts, Possible Not explores our beliefs of what is possible and our perceived boundaries using circus as a symbol/metaphor for human potential. The results of a series of workshops will form a series of staged street shows and a 20 minute performance to be presented at the 2017 Nati Frinj Biennale.

Yackandandah & District Historical Society Incorporated

Sound of Stone Sculpture
The Yackandandah & District Historical Society will engage Ben Gilbert to construct a sculpture on the public footpath outside its premises to celebrate its 50th anniversary and local artistic talent. The sculpture will provide a legacy to the community which reflects its history.

Ashlee Laing   Case Study

Building Art on Walls
In the rural north east Victorian township of Tallangatta, artists Ashlee Laing, Belinda Fraser, Steven Rhall and Raquel Ormella will create and install large paste-ups on buildings and walls that respond to the town's unique history. The works will be accompanied by four community based workshops and artist talks. 

Gallery Kaiela Inc  Case Study

Discovering Beads of Culture – Diversity & Social Change
DISCOVERING - Beads of Culture will uncover practitioners of the traditional cultural beading skills of the many cultural groups who live within the Goulburn Valley Region. Women and men from these communities will come together in a series of hands-on workshops to share, rediscover and reinterpret traditional bead making, sewing, threading and use.

G.R.A.I.N. Inc.

WILD Flowers – Growing Regional Arts in Nathalia
WILD Flowers will be a broad ranging series of community development arts workshops, led by community artist Eliza-Jane Gilchrist who will engage with, mentor and learn from the Nathalia Wildflower Group and local artists during an artist residency in Nathalia. The project will promote education about conservation through creative sculptural interpretation of local flora using recycled materials and will also enhance the community engagement capacities of local artists and organisations.

Jeremy Kasper Case Study

Reclaim Our Lanes
Through a partnership with Sale RSL and Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Cooperation, Reclaim Our Lanes will acknowledge the participation of women and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men in World War 1. Street art will be created commemorating these stories and Sale College students will have the opportunity to be involved in professional development workshops, learning what goes in to producing a public art project. 

Christy Flaws  Case Study

In the Deep End
Asking for Trouble will create a spectacular site specific circus-physical theatre show, In the Deep End, in, around, and above Clunes pool with a youth ensemble. They will present two performances in Clunes in late January 2018 and a performance at Trentham swimming pool the weekend following.

Rose Ertler

Following on from Rose Ertler’s successful work, Complimentary Caravan, Insultations is a new interactive installation/performance work to be developed during a residency at the Museum of Innocence Mildura. Participants will develop creative ‘insults’ to be shared or destroyed as they decide. The final performance will be held at the Nati Frinj Festival.


  • Adrian Corbett (Chair)
  • Irene Pagram
  • Jes John
  • Karen Whitaker-Taylor
  • Bayden Clayton
  • Jim Lawson
  • Forrest Keegel
  • Sue Doyle (Creative Victoria)


Vocal Ranges Inc.
Rising Voices
Vocal Ranges Inc. will present a 160-voiced massed choir celebrating songs about rivers and where the rivers
rise, featuring ARIA award winner Kavisha Mazzella OAM, and conducted by Polly Christie.
CreateAbility - Short Documentary
No Hands
No Hands will take a tale, The Diver, written by Isak Dinesen, as the basis for a poetic re-imagining that will use
physical theatre, sound and video projection. CreateAbility, a mixed ability company based in Bendigo, will present the work at Castlemaine State Festival 2017 and in Bendigo.
Murray Arts
Sticks and Stones
A six part podcast series telling the stories of what it is to be a young person living in regional Victoria. Murray
Arts will embed local artists into six local schools to work with students to develop their writing skills and draw out their stories. At the heart of this project is great storytelling, providing a snapshot of life for young people living in regional Australia.
Shepparton Arts Inc.
Mapping Shepp
Mapping Shepp is a three-week practice-based arts project that connects emerging, established and community artists from the Shepparton region and positions them in a temporary studio in a local caravan  park. The project will provide a space for the artists to document the everyday life of the caravan park, creating a platform for investigating the shifting terrain of private narratives within larger social spaces, and mapping a microcosm of a Shepp Community.
Barenji Gadjin Land Council
Njibua dja badjilga ("to kick up dust and show off")
This project will build the skills of dancers in the Indigenous community connected to the Barengi Gadjin Land
Council. A professional dancer will visit Horsham to lead workshops and these will be complemented by rehearsals lead by senior dancers. The project will culminate in a performance at Horsham Town Hall.
National Celtic Festival Incorporated
The Lantunda project will be a partnership between the National Celtic Festival and Made in Natimuk. After a
series of workshops, this multi-arts project will be staged in the Portarlington Rotunda, an historic landmark in the town that has recently been revitalised.

Ms Rebecca Russell
TRIGGERED will be an experiential performance that aims to explore and communicate the experience of dissociating. This is the first stage in a three stage development and will involve working with artists, health professionals and a targeted audience of adults living with a history of childhood trauma.
Mr Neil Morris
Nangarna [Acknowledge]
Neil Morris, a Yorta Yorta culture keeper, artist, and activist will collaborate with Congolese born poet Wani le
Frere. In this project, 'Nangarna', Neil Morris will provide a traditional Welcome to Country and journey of connection to country on traditional lands in Shepparton for 12 newly arrived refugees. Over four following sessions, Wani and Neil will support each participant to develop a personalised, localised 'mother tongue' Acknowledgement of Country that is poetically grounded in an awareness of Aboriginal ways of being and connecting, and common themes of finding 'home' after displacement.
Miss Emily Ardley
(it's no) drama
(it's no) drama will deliver creative development workshops and public performances with an ensemble of performers with disability. The project will be supported by Rawcus and will strengthen best practice approaches in planning and delivery of inclusive arts activities in the region. The project will also coordinate a steering group comprised of people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and knowledge to strategically guide and assist the group to achieve its objectives, enhance their profile and grow in a sustainable way.
Miss Pollyanna Gibson
The BIG Picture TOPself Artist
TOPshelf is a collaborative artist-in-residency project based in PollyannaR's Big Picture Studio. It will provide a platform for emerging Gippsland artists to create, exhibit and workshop their work in a high profile location in the heart of Sale. Their process will be documented as they build on their artist skills, confidence and public profile within the town and show the public different modalities of art.
Chinese Australian Cultural Society Ballarat
Big Walk to Golden Mountain
2017 marks the 160th anniversary of the migration of thousands of Guandong people to Victoria. Travelling from the Pearl River Delta in Southern China to Robe in South Australia, they then walked to the ‘Golden Mountain’ of the Central Victorian Goldfields. Members of the Chinese Australian Cultural Society of Ballarat will collaborate with five central Victorian artists, students and researchers from Federation University and a Hong Kong artist to engage in an artistic and cultural program highlighting this migration passage. 


  • Marion Matthews (Chair)
  • Julie Dyer
  • Irene Pagram
  • Andrea Lane
  • Rohini Sharma (Creative Victoria)


Wonthaggi Theatre Group Inc

Grow Audrey Grow!
Wonthaggi Theatrical Group Inc will stage a scaled down unique performance of Little Shop of Horrors using many puppets. This project will engage the community to make and use of the puppets, learning a range of new skills.
Flying Fruit Fly Foundation

JUNCTION – A community project at Junction Place, Wodonga
JUNCTION will bring together the Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Westmont Aged Care, The Cube Wodonga, Wodonga City Council and local primary schools in regional Victoria. Activating the new public space of Junction Place in Wodonga, the project aligns with the world premiere of the new Flying Fruit Fly Circus’ production JUNK, which will open at The Cube in Wodonga in September 2016.
East Gippsland Art Gallery

Love East Gippsland Tapestry
Jennifer Sharpe will travel to East Gippsland and over ten workshop days create a tapestry based on a gridded map of East Gippsland with members from the community, weaving a total of 40 squares that will be stitched together to form the finished piece.
Ken Evans
600 Degrees: 100 Years of Shade

An outdoor nocturnal visual concerto with sculpture, verbatim voice, cello fused with the pitch of fire and the drone of bagpipes, enveloped with the power and exhilaration of a bonfire and fountains of water.
600 degrees, the ignition temperature of wood, looks at the science of fire. 100 Years of Shade is about memory.
Castlemaine Poetry Festival 2016

A three-day collection of events celebrating verse in all its forms, bringing regional artists together with the local community of writers and lovers of language-based arts. The project will aim to provide exposure for local artists, chances to promote their work, professional development through workshops and most importantly, poetry as inspiration for the general community.
Mildura Ballet & Dance Guild Inc.

Partnering With Youth
A male dancer will undertake an artist in residence at Mildura Ballet & Dance Guild Inc. The residency will present female dancers with the invaluable opportunity to experience the technical skill set of dancing with a male dancer. The residency will also provide a mentoring program for male dancers, and encourage the community’s male youth to engage in the love of dance.
Gannawarra Shire Council

Mystic Melodies
A love of music, singing, community and environment will encourage the Kerang Lakes communities to make music together. A two-day music residency will open the project, immersing the musicians and community in the joys of collective music making. Over the following months, music and choir workshops will build the capacity of the community. A final community chorus event on the water’s edge will pass the project baton to the community leaders.
Punctum Inc

Carnival Electro Live
Carnival Electro Live brings together emerging artists and young adult audiences from the Central Goldfields area to celebrate the diversity of subcultures in their region. Artists and athletes will be mentored by professional artists for the creation of two major interactive events combining live arts, digital arts, and sonics. The carnivalesque nights mix contemporary electronica with VJing, acrobatics, choreography, installations and live performance to build two public events based on the themes of Vertigo and Phobia.

Horsham Rural City Council

Art Matters “Tall Story”
A gigantic tale of a person’s power to achieve the seemingly impossible. A person’s unique potential is played out as a pseudo-superhero story, created by the participants and performed in the outdoor arena of the community celebrations in Nhill and Horsham around the International Day of Disability.
F.INC East Gippsland Incorporated

Far East Froutevilleans
Far East Froutevilleans is an organic circus of art and fruit. A travelling troupe will perform in its hand-stitched, upcycled FabriCabana. Surrounded by Vintage Vans, Flippant Fellows, and Fabaceous folk. Froutevilleans are artists who campaign passionately for local fruit, forests, and not-fossil-fuels. This project will bring the talents of the Fairly Famous (F)route project together in a curated, tourable adventure in circus skills à la fruit, sideshow kinetica, carney tales and duck shooting galleries gone bad. 


Yarriambiack Youth Action Council (Yarriambiack Shire Council)
“ENDOREIC” The Lake Lascelles Short Film Festival
The Yarriambiack Creek wends its way northward through the shire, ending at Lake Lascelles. This project will find and share local stories that may appear unassuming, but when explored through film, become powerful and reflective. Young people will work with a filmmaker and learn interview, editing, and production skills. The short films created will be screened at the outdoor cinema at Lake Lascelles.
Shepparton Arts Festival Inc.
Artist in Residence Train Project
The train residency is a three week practice-based arts residency project that creates a transient space for the artist(s) to document the shifting terrain of private narratives within larger social spaces. They will explore social and cultural conditions of place through their chosen medium.
Darnum Progress Association Inc.
Darnum Looking Back Looking Forward
Darnum Progress Association will work with a local artist to create a relevant, enduring sculptural landmark designed for a highly visible position on Main Street. The sculpture will reflect Darnum's history, acknowledge their current residents, and optimistically look to the future.
Mary French
Fabulous Beasts
Fabulous Beasts will investigate local lost and disappearing creatures. Local community members, in partnership with regional artists, will use stop motion technique, silhouette, and a giant puppet. A series of virtual images will tantalize passing audiences with a brief sighting; a flash of tiger stripes through the trees, a bounding rare marsupial.
Terry White
Singing From Country
The project will link songwriters and community to Aboriginal knowledge-holders, naturalists and ecologists through workshops and a celebratory concert. From this will come songs that help reconnect people to place.
Recordings will provide a resource for choirs and a video will document the project, which is a pilot for a state-wide project.
Theatre 451
This project follows a series of rehearsed readings of new one-act plays submitted by Australian writers. Six plays will be selected by a panel of readers to form ELEVATE, four will be selected to form ELEVATE YOUTH. Ten rehearsed readings will then be held. Two works will then be fully workshopped and produced.
Gallery Kaiela Incorporated
Buyuma (Bunma) Yapenyepuk  - Making Together Artists Residency  Project
Buyuma Yapenyepuk is a twelve-month pilot project designed to explore the benefits of Aboriginal Artists working in residence in a mainstream health organisation. Four artists will work in tandem with staff and clients at Goulburn Valley Health Facility in Shepparton. The works created during the residency will be permanently installed on the walls of the facility.
Mallee District Aboriginal Services
The Marruk Project 2016: Commonground
Led by Taungurung Elder Uncle Larry Walsh and Wadi Wadi Elder Aunty Debra Chaplin, a series of creative and cultural development residencies will see a group of nine emerging leaders from the Marruk Project in Swan Hill work with young people from Taungurung Country to create a new work for the 2016 Commonground Festival. 


Joanne Watt

Theatrecraft Youth Unlimited, Summer Performance Project – YARRAGON
Multidiscipline workshops will be led by specialist artists to deliver experiences in theatremaking process as preparation for performance. This project’s aim is to encourage, support, and prepare artists and participants for confident and skilful ongoing contributions to their communities as youth arts leaders. 

Nyah District Primary School

The Rail School 100 Years Night Screening Celebration – NYAH WEST
This project will produce a short film about the history of education in Nyah West over the last 100 years. Nyah District Primary School will create an entertaining, moving history about everyday life at their school through the eras. This film will engage the whole community and will be screened in a spectacular display on the local silos. 

Kat Pengelly

Fashion for Funerals and Fantasy Eulogies – NATIMUK
A fashion show will bring death to life by creating a cultural shift in the way we grieve, making our inevitable end accessible and acceptable. To be premiered at the 2015 Nati Frinj, Fashion for Funerals and Fantasy Eulogies puts the fun into funerals with a multimedia, storytelling theatrical fashion show. 

Shearwater Festival Working Group

Shearwater Short Tales: Facilitating Creative Collaborations across Gippsland – PHILLIP ISLAND & MALLACOOTA
Shearwater Short Tales features creative collaborations between artists, performers and Indigenous cultural advisors from Bass Coast to Mallacoota. Community members will be supported to develop short productions in theatre, song, music, dance, poetry, film or visual media. Ten completed productions will be performed at the Shearwater Festival in November 2015. 

Rich River Quilters and Friends Inc.

Skills Upgrade – ECHUCA
A recognised and experienced tutor will engage the Rich River Quilters and Friends members in a familiar environment to learn and experiment with modern quilting techniques. This will bring a new, dynamic element to the quilts that the group donates to local charities.

Castlemaine Theatre Company Inc.

Monkey Heads West – CASTLEMAINE
This retelling of the 1980s cult Japanese TV series Monkey consists of a theatrical production created by the Castlemaine Theatre Company in collaboration with a number of community groups. Through the classic journeys of Monkey, this story celebrates the multicultural history of Castlemaine and the Chinese community in Central Victoria during the Gold Rush. 

Castlemaine Circus Inc.
Atopia will see performers, circus artists, musicians and emerging artists from Castlemaine and Maldon respond creatively to the civic spaces of their home towns. Skills development workshops with local organisations will support young people with limited access to creative activities. The project will culminate in site-specific performances in Castlemaine and Maldon.

SEAM (Sustainable Environment Arts Movement) Inc.
WARM is a textile art project about why the earth is warming, and what we can do to make a positive contribution to a safe climate future. 

Sally French
Murder, Maladies and Miscreants – NATIMUK
Emerging local artist and history fanatic Sally French will investigate the darker history of Natimuk through a guided after-dark tour of the town during the 2015 Nati Frinj Festival. Guided by performance artist Trevor Flinn, little-known stories of the town will be told as a nightly tour group is led through the streets of Natimuk.

Kate Cotching
Disquietude Trophy – MILDURA
The Disquietude Trophy Project is a community arts initiative of workshops that will result in an exhibition at the Mildura Arts Centre Foyer. Over 100 soft-sculpture trophies will be made by diverse members of the Sunraysia community, representing a challenge or achievement in life that has gone unnoticed by others. 

Warrnambool City Council
Memory in Motion: The Lost Art of Christmas Revived – WARRNAMBOOL
Memory in Motion aims to reinvigorate the lost art of the Christmas window display by facilitating a project that installs contemporary modern works through Warrnambool’s central business district. Led by Dave Jones, the project will bring Warrnambool’s community into the traditional heart of the city to uncover a trail of Christmas wonder told through a mix of contemporary art installations and historic dioramas. 


The Village Festival of New Performance (Inc)

Stories of Castlemaine – FRYERSTOWN
A local history project, an intergenerational community development project and a multi-arts community festival. Personal stories about Castlemaine are collected from town elders. These stories are then interpreted by local youth and other community members under the guidance of experienced artists. Artforms used are visual art, fire art, theatrical performance and music.  All these elements will come together in a community firelighting ritual that forms the centrepiece of the 2015 Castlemaine Village Winter Festival.

Verity Higgins

The Freda Experience – BALLARAT
This project will involve the final development, rehearsal and presentation of The Freda Experience, an immersive participatory theatre piece inspired by the life of pioneering Australian mountaineer Fred Du Faur, at the Castlemaine State Festival and NatiFrinj Festival in 2015.

Mount Beauty Music Muster
This project provides local Mount Beauty Secondary College students with an opportunity to explore the contemporary art form of slam poetry in a supportive environment.  World class Slam Poet, Emilie Zoey Baker will engage students in a three day workshop on the fundamentals of Slam Poetry.  These workshops will culminate in performances as part of the annual Mount Beauty Music Festival, as well as a special one off performance with Alpine Health Aged Care Residents.

Dave Jones
Seed of Change – NATIMUK
This project will be an installation comprising a series of time-lapse and animated works. Lead artist Dave Jones will collaborate with the students of Natimuk Primary School and ultimately exhibited at the Centre for Contemporary Photography and the Horsham Regional Art Gallery as part of Climarte in mid-2015. 

Foster Station Park Advisory Committee
Great Southern Sculpture Garden – FOSTER
This project establishes the Great Southern Sculpture Garden (GSSG) with the installation of public art. It involves South Gippsland artists, Indigenous people, youth, elderly people and community organisations including the Men’s Shed and Community Garden through arts workshops and collaboration.  The sculptures will rest within the landscape and interact with each other and the natural surrounds.

The Bendigo and District Aboriginal Co-Operative
The Bendigo and District Aboriginal Possum Skins Cloak project – BENDIGO
The Dja Dja Wurrung clan will produce two traditional possum skin cloaks focusing on a "Strong Family" theme rejuvenating the cultural practice of making possum skin cloaks. The Indigenous community will gain firsthand experience and vital knowledge of the process, and in turn will help to heal community members from past historical events and empower the community to build towards self-determination, a culturally rich and strong foundation for future generations. 

Carly Garonne
St Arnaud Street Museum – ST ARNAUD
The community will work together with world-class artists to bring life to the shop fronts and wall spaces to make up a series of installations, conceived as one overall artwork. Four artists will reside in St Arnaud for a month each to create a changing exhibition throughout 2015.

Arts Mildura Inc
Weaving Stories – MILDURA
A collaborative project initiated by the Mildura Palimpsest Biennale and the Mildura Dreamtime Weavers. Mentored by Maree Clarke and Yhonnie Scarce the project aims to provide opportunities for Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists to collaborate in weaving the stories of the Murray into a major multi-media installation. 

Kyneton District Health
Epiphany garden – KYNETON
A community arts and cultural development project that aims to gather diverse community interest around the theme of health and well-being.  Epiphany Garden at Kyneton District Health is a unique physical place-making arts project. The garden’s design will be an inspired response to community aspirations for a place of contemplation for patients, family, carers and community of all ages. It will become a gathering place for healthy community interaction.  



Charlton Arts

Robbie Rowlands Residency Series/ Charlton - CARLTON
This project involves site investigations, temporary sculptural works, and artists’ talks with selected community groups around renewal from the 2011 floods.

Golden Plains Shire

A living library of professional artists will share their skills with community and artists to create a book telling the story of the Golden Plains Shire.

Fairfax Festival

Fairfax Festival – the Democratic Set – SWAN HILL
The Fairfax Festival and Back to Back Theatre will work with 171 youth from 11 regional communities in a dynamic community film making project.

Rushworth and District Historical and Preservation Society

Fire in the Belly - RUSHWORTH
A community film making project to introduce and build research, storytelling, scriptwriting, film production skills and tell a fictional story about a 1917 uprising in Rushworth.

Castlemaine State Festival

This project weaves together newly commissioned artworks at the former Castlemaine Woollen Mill. It is aimed at inspiring future social and creative enterprise at this significant local landmark.

Maldon Neighbourhood Centre

Memory Lane / Part One – MALDON
A music listening discussion and recording group for local Maldon elderly residents that aims to break down stereotypes of elders in the community.


Pitch Makin Fellaz Research and Development (PMF R+D) – BALLARAT
This project aims to research and develop two compelling stories emanating from the group, developing innovative and effective ways to make them collectively and share progress with the community.


Tree, Webs and Hives – BENDIGO
This project creates large scale collaborative drawings captured with digital video techniques exploring social connections in partnership with the redeveloped Bendigo Library.

James Geurts

Re-Surveying: Measuring Site – WARATAH BAY
The Measuring Site is a new installation project activating three interconnected sites around Waratah Bay as one conceptual artwork.


HotHouse Theatre

Letters from the Border - Wodonga
Letters from the Border is a project to engage a professional, Melbourne based designer and to mentor up to seven young local artists and theatre makers on a new theatre work.

Lighthouse Literary Fest
Coast - Airey's Inlet
Local writers will work with Hannie Rayson and established writers to create a groundbreaking writing/performance piece as part of the Lighthouse Literary Fest 2014.

Tag Project
The Virtual Arboretum Portland
The Virtual Arboretum Portland is a regional partnership project to create a contemporary, responsive experience to Portland's natural environment through site-specific installation and video.

Kerang Music Society
Kerang Choral Project
Kerang Choral Project connects children and volunteer conductors, in our small rural community with highly qualified innovative leaders in groups singing thus promoting music engagement.

Warrnambool Symphony Orchestra INC
Passing on the Baton
A qualified, experienced conductor will mentor three young orchestra members and train them in conducting thus helping to ensure the future of the orchestra.

Nowa Nowa arts Melange Inc
The Weather Station - Mallacoota
The Weather Station - via artist led Art Camps in Mallacoota - will focus on meteorological observation, resourceful making do, collaborating, foraging, tasting listening - to create ephemeral artworks that respond to climate. And to establish a pilot Art Camp itinerary for the (f)route Travel Bureau.


Upwelling Festival, Portland

9Knitted Narrabans (9KN)
9KN is an interactive installation of nine structures shaped like traditional aboriginal eel traps, woven with finger knitted fabric and suspended from mounting on foreshore light poles.

Tracy Bourne
The House at the End of the Line - Ballarat
The House at the End of the Line is a play with song based on the lives of residents at Reid's Guest House, Ballarat.

Whittlesea township Community House and Alliance Group Inc
Into the Light 2013
A local artist will access specialist skills development and mentorship, embedded within community development, while working on an art making project that celebrates spring and the regeneration of fire affected areas and community.

North East Victoria Arts Alliance
Milawa Monologues 'if the truth be told'
The creation of a unique annual event that showcases the work of local playwrights, set amongst ambient regional surroundings. The project will include participation from GOTAFE Regional Academy of Dramatic Arts graduates. Project by North East Victoria Arts Alliance.

Terrengower Prison
Sounding Out - Maldon
Sounding Out is a collaborative project involving the woman of Tarrengower Prison developing their musical skills as a means of social inclusion and wellbeing.

Amie Sexton (Festival of Slow Music)
Festival of Slow Music Workshop - Ballarat 
Festival of slow Music Workshops ‐ collaborations between local and visiting artists, building bridges. Sharing new ideas and musical concepts.

Calista Lyon
Tallangatta Valley
A photographic portrait series representing the Tallangatta Valley community in regional Victoria and culminating in a display of images within the community in which it was created.


Art Is… Festival
Encounter - HORSHAM
A comprehensive art making experience for artists, social, educational professional and young people incorporating creative exchange, project planning, professional development, art making and performing/ exhibiting.

Moonambel Arts and History Group
The Moonambel Permanent Ceramic Analemmetic Sundial - WARRENMANG
The community construction of a permanent Analemmetic sundial at the Moonambel Commons.

Off the Leash Theatre Inc.
Wild Dog Wiggle On - DROUIN
A series of workshops with three noted theatre practitioners which up skill local creative teams while introducing innovative practice and artistic vision to a new work.

Emma Pryse
Mrs P Tati's Potato Stall - TRENTHAM
An interactive installation that combines visual art, puppetry, theatre and music and celebrates local community identity and the potato harvest season.

Castlemaine State Festival
Cultivated: The Grove - CASTLEMAINE
Cultivated will comprise of a rich suite of theatre and visual artworks involving exceptional regional artists and leading horticulturalists, food industry and community groups for presentation at the 2013 Castlemaine State Festival.

Klare Lanson
The Wandering Cloud - CASTLEMAINE
An interdisciplinary, collaborative and locative art project that will create a poetic sound map with people who were flood affected, culminating in a participatory performance work.

Chameleon Arts Collective
A Buzz About Balmoral - BALMORAL
A contemporary public mural designed to create visual spectacle and assist in putting Balmoral on the creative map, bringing art of an international standard to the community.

Gallery Kaiela Inc
Tell me a story - SHEPPARTON
A skills building workshop series for Aboriginal community members/ artists to learn how to write/ illustrate/ publish and tell their stories that reference traditional knowledge and use Yorta Yorta language.

Lakes Entrance Aboriginal Corporation
A series of drawing, weavings and short films will record the stories of aboriginal families in bush camps around Lakes Entrance post‐white settlement.

Eliza Smith