Past Projects

Below are some examples of successful Regional Arts Funded Projects and Quick Response Grants. You can also view the detailed listing of past projects

Otway Glow Show

by Gellibrand Community Group Inc.
(Quick Response Grant)

Communities from across the Otway Ranges came together to celebrate the unique beauty of the area by making and exhibiting handcrafted glow worms with professional artists. The event was followed by a soup supper, where Kirrae Whurrong man Richard Collopy spoke about the significance of the glow worm in local Aboriginal tradition. The event engaged three communities and one school, whose students learnt about their local area, and art-making and cultural development as career choices.

Image: Assembling at dusk, Melba Gully. Photo by Deb Gartland


by Anne Richardson and Lynden Nicholls
(Quick Response Grant)

Tributaries was a photo documentary project of the clubs and group activities available to the residents of Swifts Creek, in Gippsland. Each of the twenty or so groups were represented by a photograph depicting their particular focus. The resulting images were exhibited at the Great Alpine Gallery in 2015, increasing the profile of the gallery, community engagement and tourism in the region.  

Image: Swifts Creek Swimming Pool, Anne Richardson 


by Peter Widmer, Ted Laxton, Myles Walsh, Adrian Rigney, Peter-Shane Rotumah, William Blackall, Thomas Marks and Joe Lee
(Quick Response Grant)

The mob of eight Indigenous writers and artists known as The Pitcha Makin’ Fellaz set out to tell compelling stories through their artwork and present them to the Ballarat community in book form. The project allowed local visitors to engage with the artists and their work in the studio and fostered networks with major cultural institutions. Through this project the artists secured exhibitions at the Melbourne Museum's Bunjilaka Gallery and the Koorie Heritage Trust. 

Image: Pitcha Makin' Fellaz, Peter Widmer 2014


by Isabelle Kawai Vincent
(Quick Response Grant)

Isabelle is a qualified art teacher and artist who had recently moved to Shepparton. The quick response grant allowed Isabelle to run a 1 day life drawing workshop at the Mooroopna Education and Activity Centre to gauge interest for on-going classes in the area. The workshop saw an improvement of participants skills, and gave like-minded artists a chance to network and share experiences.

Image: Participant's artwork 1 Life Drawing Workshop Isabelle Vincent 2015


by Crashendo! Bairnsdale Inc.
(Quick Response Grant)

Crashendo! Youth Development Orchestra is a program aimed at people living in disadvantaged circumstances, providing an intensive program of tuition, music, transport and instruments free of charge.

The quick response grant funded a 1 day strategic planning workshop with facilitator, Jan Tulloch to carefully analyse, assess and plan for the needs of the organisation including a 6 month review, to ensure the longevity of the organisation and to maximise its benefits to participants and tutors.

Image: Crashendo! Bairnsdale Inc. Logo


by West Wimmera Shire Council
(Quick Response Grant)

Led by experienced puppet builder and sculptor Eliza-Jane Gilchrist, The West Wimmera Shire Council provided a two day intensive workshop for young people (aged 12-25) to create characters and to learn how to perform in public as roving performers. The outcome was a  very successful performance at the Youth Art @ Charlegrark festival, where the students engaged with a responsive crowd who laughed and played along with the Lab rats. The workshop built confidence in the student performers, provided an opportunity for young people in the region to work together, and added an element of quirkiness and fun to the Charlegrark Festival.

Image: Lab Rats Roving Street Theatre Workshop, Eliza Gilchrist 2015

Lola Gavin Eva Lisa Roberts East Gippsland Art Gallery

by East Gippsland Art Gallery Inc.
(Quick Response Grant)

Facilitated by Gavin Roberts, How to Make and Perform with Hand Puppets brought together children and adults to create their own puppet character with consideration of personality, movement and costume, including writing a short script and impromptu performance. The puppets from the workshop were displayed at the East Gippsland Art Gallery as part of the exhibition "Toys" and strengthened links between Stratford's Courthouse Gallery and EGAG communities.

Image: Lola, Eva & Gavin How to make and perform with hand puppets, Lisa Roberts 2014

Elders Project RAF QRG 2014

by Kinglake Ranges Arts Inc
(Quick Response Grant)

Local artist Catherine Blakey noted an absence of elderly participants in the Into The Light event that uses art as a community recovery process following the 2009 bushfires. Blakey developed a series of art workshops for local elderly residents that became part of the afternoon of activities. Participants created artworks that were used to decorate the cattleshed at the Whittlesea Showgrounds, creating a sense of light and joyousness, and gave a physical presence to the community elders who were not able to attend.

Image: The Elders Project 2014, photo by Stefanie Robinson.


by Southern Grampians Shire Council
(Quick Response Grant)

Driven by the desire to celebrate both the building and stories of the Permewan Wright Cargo Sheds (c.1913), the Southern Grampians Shire Council sought to engage local artist Trevor Flinn in collaboration with 30 artists, 10 performers, 5 musicians and the wider community to create Permewans: A Wake! The result was a residency including workshops, mentoring and collaborations, culminating with a magical walking tour of transformed shed spaces including an open air cinema, art exhibits and musical performances. 

Image: Trevor Flinn leads the audience around the Permewan Wright Cargo Sheds, photo by Jo Grant


by Shaun Mackrell
(Project Grant)

We’re Still Here, by Shaun Mackrell is a photographic project profiling the rural community of Tongala. This project explored the personal stories and connections between members in the Tongala community. The project has rekindled pride in what was once a booming agricultural centre. Shaun received the award of “Artist of the Year” from Shire of Campaspe for his contribution to the community through this project.

Image: We’re Still Here, Albert & Mary, 2012 by Shaun Mackrell

Murray Darlings, Tanya Charles, Photo by Sarah Simmons

by Sarah Simmons
(Project Grant)

Murray Darlings was a documentary film project that promoted rural Australian women’s voices, as opposed to the strong male voice that has dominated Australian history. It highlighted the ‘humble pride’ of rural Australian women along the Darling and Murray rivers, building on the skills of artists involved. The resultant website has enabled people to view their stories for years to come.

Image: Murray Darlings (Tanya Charles), photo by Sarah Simmons

Tallarook Stacks Richard Telford, Kai Telford, Dharmveer by Sandra Bowlatt

Tallarook Mechanics Institute
(Project Grant)

Professional artists and the local community collaborated to produce the ceramic installation Tallarook Stacks.

The project involved a cross cultural exchange of skills between potters involved in the project.

The program involved local students, teachers and the wider community.  As a result of these collaborations, the community was able to celebrate how accessible art can and should be.

Image: Tallarook Stacks, Rickard & Kai Telford & Dharmveer, Tallarook Farmers Market, Photo by Sandra Bowkett

The Flotilla Photo by Geoff Bonney

The Friends of Learmonth
(Project Grant)

The Flotilla was a collaborative project initiated by the Friends of Learmonth. Community members were involved in the design, development and construction of a prototype for a sculpture on the dry lake bed. 

This project aimed provided the opportunity to revive a small rural community deeply affected by drought. It created a sense of ownership and pride and concluded with an artwork celebrating the area and the strength of their community.

Image: The Flotilla, by Geoff Bonney

Come Tomorrow Image by Belinda Elliot

by Amy Anselmi
(Quick Response Grant)

Come Tomorrow: A Dance About Waiting was a dance performance and site-specific installation created by Amy Anselmi. The piece was performed by Amy Anselmi and Emily Grieger as part of the 2012 Art Is.. Festival in Horsham.

As a result of the project, the choreographerand dancers developed new skills in responding and developing choreography. 

Image: Come Tomorrow: Celebrating the return of water, photo by Belinda Elliot

newstead Community Garden The Heart Garden

Newstead 2021 Inc. 
(Toe in the water grant)

The Newstead Community Art Garden: The heART Garden, saw the community working alongside practicing artists in the design, crreation and installation of a variety of practical and aesthetic pieces for the biodynamic, permaculture-designed garden.

Those involved gained a breadth of knowledge and experience in working together as a community and the extensive artistic possibilites and ongoing engagement of community gardens.

Image: Arbour, 2012, Photo by Janet Barker