Helpful tools for your online application

Below you will find a range of useful documents to assist you with your Regional Arts Fund application.

Guidance Materials

It is vital that you read the Regional Arts Fund Guidance Material prior to starting your application.

* Guidance Materials (PDF)

* Guidance Materials (DOC)

* Guidance Materials (AUDIO) 

Application Guide

This guide relates directly to the application form and provides hints and tips along the way. 

* Application Guide (PDF)

* Application Form (DOC)

Budget Tools

Budget Template (XLSX) This Excel template is designed to help you fill in a test budget and helps you to work out your budget totals.

Sample Budget (PDF) This provides a sample of what a budget might look like.

All applicants must contact a member of our Partnerships Department prior to commencing an application to ensure the project is eligible, and to learn about making the most of an application.

If you are looking for more information Regional Arts Australia has some terrific Regional Arts Fund Resources and Tools on their website that are worth checking out: