List of Successful Applicants - Relief


Adam Davis
COVID-19 Adaptation With New Works Through Equipment Upgrade 
This grant will support Adam Davis to return to his art practice, providing the flexibility to perform in outdoor environments; while sustaining him in the long term with the opportunity to further adapt to a digital medium through collaborations with other regional artists.

Amy Tsilemanis
Ballarat East

‘Gather’ podcast; a creative media production of Tinderbox Projects and Minerva’s Books and Ideas 
The funds will allow Amy Tsilemanis to purchase technical equipment (microphones and editing software) and undergo associated training, to produce a pilot episode of a podcast. The concept of the podcast is to create a gathering of digital stories about the lives of books and the ideas they illuminate. The podcast would involve interviews, soundscapes, and creative guests and responses, through a variety of themes, all from the seed of books.

Ballarat Choral Society Inc.

Sing Together Again 
A team of Ballarat experts will conduct research to devise a Singing Together Again Plan for Ballarat Choral Society. This will guide their community choirs through the process of safely sing together again, probably initially outdoors, and with technological assistance. The information gained will be shared with other local and regional choirs, the latter particularly through the Choral Grapevine online network.

Ballarat International Foto Biennale Inc.
Ballarat Central

COVID-Safe BIFB Marketing Plan 
This project will ensure the crucial development of a COVID safe marketing strategy and plan ahead of the 2021 Ballarat International Foto Biennale (BIFB). The organisation must consider the ongoing impact of coronavirus restrictions on future visitation to the Biennale and Ballarat region. This immediately requires new capabilities in marketing the festival, undertaking research into appropriate safety measures for future events, and suitable training and upskilling of staff. This project will appoint a marketing specialist to develop a series of COVID safe marketing strategies to ensure maximum engagement with the 2021 Biennale – through physical or virtual means.

Bernadette Janssen

Upgrade and Extend Home Studio and Skills
Funding will support Bernadette Janssen, to purchase equipment for a home recording studio. Bernadette is a writer, performer, creative director and facilitator and works collaboratively with other creators. COVID 19 makes collaborative work mostly possible, remotely and this requires a professional technology infrastructure. To continue to take up opportunities to work Bernadette will utilise a functionally equipped home recording studio.

ChillOut Daylesford Inc.

Risk Assessment
Chill Out Festival will contract a professional risk assessor to review all  events and risk management plans, and create COVID risk management planning for future events.

Christy Flaws
A Cosy Place to be Upside Down
This grant would enable Christy Flaws to retrofit a small shed to be used as a dedicated training space indoors to maintain her practice. This will become a resource to share in the future to continue to host various circus artists and small companies again in Clunes as soon as it is safe to do so.

Erin McCuskey
Ballarat East
AR & XR Research and Development
COVID-19 has restricted opportunities for artist, Erin McCuskey to shoot, produce and show her work in live performance and projections. This project will support Erin to develop a new platform for the delivery of her work by exploring and learning about interactive digital platforms using Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). The funds will support professional subscriptions to Awe Media (XR) and Artivive (AR) and through professional development courses in 3D and 360 video production. It will also provide time to research other immersive experiences and restructure longform project Luxville as an immersive digital production for many audiences of one.

Josh Muir
Professional Development of New Works
Funds will allow Josh Muir to purchase equipment to support the development of eight new works around the theme of a Wirundjuri dreaming story of Waa the crow.

Kat Pengelly
Reinstate Website
Kat Pengelly is supported to rebuild their website providing relief in communicating outwards with potential sponsors and audiences to sustain their arts practice. Kat creates wearable art through their label ‘Koshka’ = Art Fuelled Fashion and sees their shows entering the world via galleries, theatres and festivals.

Lynden Nicholls
Ballarat East
Ballarat Facing Up Promo
Funds will allow Lynden Nicholls to engage a filmmaker to work with her to expand the possibilities of 'Facing Up'. This site- specific sound installation and performance highlighted history of prime ministerial statements and Indigenous protest. This work has the potential to be developed into various formats that can adapt to a range of audiences. 

Maryanne Sam
First Nations First time Director
Funds will support Maryanne Sam developing skills as first time director. Her play Coconut Woman, written, developed and with a public Reading in Ballarat has been chosen to be presented at Yirramboi First Nations Festival, 2021. First Nation's Director Andrea James will support/mentor Maryanne through the processes in the four months leading up to Yirrambo


Akhila Fernando
Golden Square
Nature Creates Arts
Funding will support Akhila Fernando to purchase equipment and software to support his animation projects as a part of his creative practice. It will assist in professional development, experiment and design for the projection series “Nature Creates Arts” Akhila will commence at the end of November and broadcast through social media live for 6 days (in 3months). Akhila will also design for future projects and other upcoming commissioned works.

Caroline (Caz) Walsh
Campbells Creek
Funding will support Caroline Walsh to adapt and create opportunities for herself and other regional artists by researching and developing a circus show called ‘Spring’, that will focus on hope, love, youth and growth. Funds will support an intensive two-week creative development period, one-week of full rehearsals, followed by a live streamed performance via Zoom.

Eliza Hull
Development and Recording of new song 'Bones'
Musician and disability advocate Eliza Hull, will work with award winning producer Anna Laverty in a mentorship capacity in order to build Eliza’s capacity for a more sustainable and self sufficient career in music composition and production. The mentorship process will also include the development and recording of a new, contemporary track titled ‘Bones,’ written by Eliza, which explores the themes around having a physical disability, and living in a body that moves differently. The track will be recorded at Castlemaine's recording studio, 'The Waffle Pad' and be released in 2021.

Emilie Bloom
Writing Phase of Theatical Work 'Le Tradegy'
In preparation for a residency at the Flying Fruit Fly Circus in December 2020, funding will support Emilie Bloom in the development of a dark comic physical theatre show 'Le Tragedy'. It will be a one week writing immersion in the the Macedon Ranges working with Co-creator/Performer Nicci Wilks and Co-creator/Director Susie Dee. The funding will cover wages, transport and rehearsal venue hire.

Fayen d'Evie
Develop New Series of Screenprints of Gestural Poetics
Fayen d'Evie will develop a new strand of practice with commercial sales potential: a framed series of screenprints that comprise a set of gestural phrases written according to a system of gestural typography, that will enable an audience to reperform a text by Deaf performer Anna Seymour. The funds will be used to purchase paper and inks, print the works at screenprinting studio Negative Press, and frame them for exhibition.

Golden City Support Services
Creative Augmented Experience
COVID-19 resulted in cancelled opportunities to present Golden City Support Services's (CreateA) work and they are unable to develop new work in the group based workshops. In order to continue activity, CreateA must develop other ways of working and other ways of offering experiences to audiences. This project focuses on research and development. The project imagines developing a form of theatrical presentation that integrates new technologies with traditional theatre craft, where audience members have choices in how they engage with the work. The development of knowledge and skill in using augmented reality and virtual reality technology is key to this project.

Greg Somerville
Printing and Scanning Equipment and Software Training
This grant will allow Greg Somerville to purchase equipment for the creation of more affordable work for regional Victoria. Greg will be able to create new saleable works, extend quality and size of digital photography and develop content for workshops.

Kirri Buchler
Arts Practice Pivot Support
Kirri Buchler is a musician who works in live performance at festivals and venues. Covid-19 has impacted the opportunities Kirri has to continue performing within Australia and internationally.  In these new projects Kirri is drawing from the experience they have designing sound installations – works that can be performed as public art or in galleries. Kirri aims to create works that accommodate the changing nature of how people ‘view’ music in and after the pandemic. To support these projects Kirri needs to purchase ProTools software and recording and sound equipment. This will allow Kirri to move their practice into these spaces.

Malia Walsh
Pivot Circus Trick Tease
RAF support will enable Malia Walsh to pivot and reimagine Circus Trick Tease (CTT), a circus theatre company based in Woodend. Funds are crucial to give Malia time to navigate this new arts landscape and discover new touring opportunities so CTT can continue to employ artists and share workshops and theatre to regional venues.

Mark Dober
Framing and Transport for Exhibition at Alexandra Sasse Gallery
These funds will support Mark Dober to exhibit his works at Alexandra Sasse Gallery in Melbourne late this year. Mark will be showing work on paper, made in the landscape of central Victoria. 

Martin Lee
Contact: A Two-Channel Video Projection
Martin Lee will create a two-channel video to be projected onto the external walls of the Castlemaine Football Clubrooms. The video will feature two footballers in an act of endurance displaying physicality and intimacy. One player will stand and support the full weight of the other in their arms, maintaining this undertaking until they can no longer physically do so. The players will be in the middle of the oval under full stadium lights at night. The intention is to express the emotional impact of Covid-19 restrictions on men for whom contact sport is their primary source of social connection.

Mason West
Campbells Creek
COVID-Safe Open-sir Circus Festival
Funding will support Mason West to plan to adapt and create opportunities for himself and other regional artists by researching and developing a CovidSafe plan and design for a touring open-air circus festival. These practices and procedures will then be in place to ensure the safety of all performers, workers and audiences. COVID19 had forced the cancellation of major tours scheduled in 2020 performing around Australia and New Zealand with Dislocate, Circus Quirkus and Wonderland Spiegeltent.

Michelle Dunn
Purchase of Livestream Switcher
Funds will support Michelle Dunn to purchase a Blackmagic ATEM mini pro livestream camera switcher to enable her capacity to not only film shows for artists, but also stream them live in creative engaging ways. This new piece of equipment will improve her skills from a professional development capacity as well as broaden income streams in a COVID and post COVID world.

Paula Martin
Purchase of a Small Kiln for Sculptural Purposes
Funding will support artist Paula Martin to purchase a new kiln. At this time of COVID a kiln would give practical personal control to develop different techniques allowing more agility in the work she creates.

Punctum Inc.
Connecting On-line and Digital Dramaturgy with Live Performance
Jude Anderson, Artistic Director of Punctum Inc, seeks to undertake professional development to understand and apply the dramaturgy of digital platform and content creation so that Punctum’s digital responses to the shifting phases of pandemic restrictions and reopening are artistically coherent, inventive, and accessible. Knowledge gained will inform how Punctum makes work and the scaffolding requirements for their recalibrated website. It will extend Punctum's reach and lead to the development of a responsive digital contingency plan that corresponds to the specific nature of participation and audience engagement of their projects.

Regrarians Ltd
Dja Dja Wurrung Mural
Cream Town Cafe, Arts & Social Enterprise Hub will be collaborating with Dja Dja Wurrung muralist, Daikota Nelson, to create a 6 x 2m mural on Dja Dja Wurrung Country.

Stephanie Riddel
Wham Bam Caravan - Refurbishment Project
Funding will support Stephanie Riddel to custom fit the Wham Bam Caravan. This is an innovative mobile multi-purpose pop up performance space housed in a custom refurbished 11ft 70's vintage caravan.

Wahibe Moussa
A Velvet Cloak of Midnight Blue
To provide an opportunity for award-winning actor, emerging writer and spoken word artist, Wahibe Moussa, to undertake a new, supported writing process that acknowledges her mental health challenges (PTSD), while empowering her to work through them, creating a basis for a sustainable writing practice. Wahibe will also develop a suite of short stories and poetry for publication, with support from a team of professionals: Writer Ben Ellis, strategic mentor Kath Melbourne and Counsellor Anahata Giri. Where possible, Wahibe will engage with the writing and Spoken Word network in the Macedon Ranges and Bendigo Shires, taking part in Spoken Word events.


Thomas Fitzgerald
Good Iso- Vibrations. a Symphony of Sounds, Songs, and poems from the Isolated Valleys and Hills of the Ranges Shire
The funds provide an asset upgrade allowing the creation of a Composing Music Project in collaboration with the community, forming an on-line expression of Songs and Sounds in Isolation. It is internet based, with a dedicated website and virtual studio - delivered via the internet, in workshops and a final streamed live performance of the community music composition from YAVA Gallery, Healesville. The project will invite the wider Yarra Ranges Community via the internet, to contribute sounds, songs, lyrics and images. These will be then set to music as a unique sonic tapestry by the award winning composer Thomas Fitzgerald.

Woody Clark
Woody's World - Mobile Performance Venue
Woody’s World’s Mobile Performance Venue Project will create a stage on a tandem trailer to support Woody's regional touring for the next 5 years. Funding will aid the purchase and metalwork modification of the trailer. The design will include a self-sufficient set up with tri-fold stage, backdrops, banners, ukulele school and PA system, making it an attractive offer for regional festivals, events and schools across Victoria. Woody’s national tour was postponed in March 2020, and current stage 4 restrictions allow time to create a new arm to his music business ready for the return of public festivals and events.


Ferne Millen
Jan Juc
Journey on Wadawurrung Country: Pilot Project Reflection and Future Development
COVID-19 has impacted artist, Ferne Millen's ability to work as a professional photographer. Ferne will focus on her passion for reconciliation and treaty, working alongside collaborator, Wadawurrung woman Corrina Eccles.  A pilot project, supported by City of Melbourne, has allowed for the collaborators to reflect, and map the next phase “Journey on Wadawurrung Country.” Relief funds will support place-based consultation with Corrina over a three-month period.

Golden Plains Shire Council
Connections & Coming Out
The creation of a short film as a creative response to social isolation and community connectedness during COVID 19 in Golden Plains Shire. The project focus is on creating and building community connections and the interweaving of personal experiences/ accounts of the current social landscape via the use of written word/prose, voice, song, visual arts and film. The collaborative digital piece will launch in November with a physical event (if possible), enabling participants to jointly celebrate their contributions to the project (and in some cases to meet each other!) and online (via social media and council’s website).

Jack Parsons
Jan Juc
Recording First Solo Release
The funds will assist Jack Parsons with recording, mixing and mastering of his first solo album. Funding will assist record with long-time collaborator and mentor Alex Markwell.

Janice Verouden
Equipment Purchase
Funds will be used by Janice Verouden to purchase an MK-101 Diamond saw, to enable her work to progress forward. Due to the current circumstances, gallery/sales outlets have closed or have limited opening, with limited patronage attending these venues.  This has impacted on the sales of work, which would have contributed to the purchase of the saw.

Karen Mcglynn
Barwon Heads
Kiln for Community
Funds will support Karen Mcglynn to offer online ceramic workshops in the community with the addition of “safe pickup/drop off” firing service will allow artists to complete their work and further their artistic development. 


Jenny Peterson
The Portable Press
Funds will support the purchase of equipment: a small, portable etching press and the materials to enable Jenny Peterson to continue her teaching practice and skill-sharing, moving further into the community and work with small groups. Developing audiences in a wider variety of spaces and engaging a broad range of people who may be looking for creative opportunities after the isolation and fragmentation caused by COVID-19.

Rodney McMillan
Getting Gipplanders Going Again
Funding will be used to perform and record a reading of a screenplay written by local screen-writers using local actors and musicians. The reading will be used as an audition for selecting voices for the subsequent production of a Podcast. These finds will provide performers from Gippsland theatre groups an opportunity to work in a new field and to provide a safe forum where skills and social links can be rekindled to assist in improving performer’s mental health.

Singer Songwriters Storytellers Stratford
Singer Songwriters Beyond 2020/2021
Funding would enable the Singer Songwriters Storytellers Stratford (SW’s) to continue to deliver events that encourage original performance in the community. In July, the Singer Songwriters Storytellers Stratford delivered a live stream event, with positive feedback form the community and RAV funding will allow for the purchase of equipment to continue to live stream events. 


David Carter
Kinglake Central
Upgrade Facilities and Knowledge for Online Delivery
Funds will assist David Carter to move a number of his services online including, songwriting, business planning, music/video production, website/graphic design, single promotion/interviews. This grant will be used to upgrade equipment for this online delivery.

James Jackson
Voilet Town
Great Exploitations
The research and development of “Great Exploitations,” a new Australian play about the corporatization and deregulation of the farming industry in Victoria, and its impact on regional communities. This project will involve six-weeks of solo writing and development by James Jackson followed by a livestreamed reading of the work. This project will form the basis for a full-scale production in 2021.

Kirrily Anderson
'Charred Treasure' Research and Development
Funds will be used for research and development of the creation of new work. ‘Charred Treasure’ will be exhibited at the Murray Art Museum Albury in late 2021. This collection of work on paper will focus on the 2019/20 bushfires which destroyed a significant part of National Park in the Upper Murray and Alpine regions. Research and development will involve 15 days in these regions connecting with communities, (complying with COVID restrictions).

Marian Rennie
Asset Purchase - Canon Prograf PRO-2100 24" Large Format Printer
This grant will significantly contribute to the purchase of a state-of-the-art printer, enabling Marian Rennie self-sufficiency to print works up to approx 22" wide on mixed media. This grant will assist Marian with a much improved on-line sales presence, selling capability and secondary income stream.


Belinda Eckermann
Connections; Linings and Pelts
Funding will assist artist Belinda Eckermann, through direct collaboration of two distinct art practices. This work will explore both Indigenous notions of possum skin cloaks, and non-Indigenous notions of fashion using bardi grub linings. The two cultures will address identity and self in a contemporary cloak, acknowledging continuing cultural practices. Workshops for adults and children will teach these practices and collect participants’ ideas of identity to burn into the cloak. This garment will be worn and photographed on Wotjobaluk country, then combined with Electron Microscope images of the grub linings to create new images containing layers of identity. An Exhibition of the works will follow at the HRAG. 

Bridget Chappell
The Electromagnetic Field
Funds will support Bridget Chappell to undertake The Electromagnetic Field, a sound work presented at the exhibition 'Notes From The Field' curated by the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture (B-CSC) at the Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA) in 2021. The work will be an installation in the 16-week exhibition and a performance on its opening night (5 March), exploring the electromagnetic musicality of the Kiewa Hydro-Electric Scheme. Funding is required to undertake a field work residency at B-CSC for two weeks in January 2021 and develop the final work, which builds on initial research.  

Georgia MacGuire
Portable Artist Studio
These funds will support Georgia MacGuire purchase and renovate a large, enclosed trailer that will convert it into a sustainable, permanent and portable art studio for an Indigenous artist with a disability.

Kerryn Sylvia
Teen Totems: Fragile Becomings
To support Kerryn Sylvia to develop and construct the artwork Teen Totems: Fragile Becomings for the exhibition Southern Western in mid 2021 at Mildura Art Centre (MAC). The installation includes constructing a ritual installation space for a collection of objects cast from ordinary household objects using locally sourced Murray River mud/clay. The objects function as sacred symbols acknowledging the transformative potential passed through from adolescence to adulthood. The installation reflects on the challenges local young people have experienced through the crisis of this past year.

Nicholas Dridan
Purchase and Use of Picture Framing Equipment
This grant will allow Nicholas Dridan to purchase two pieces of framing equipment, a guillotine and an underpinner.  With this equipment Nicholas can make quality frames at low cost, and without having to travel. Quality framing will also be offered to local artists, saving them travel to city environments.

Sarah Newall
Nichols Point
Gender Nonconforming Fashion
To support queer Mildura based artist Sarah Newall to research and develop their creative practice that merges gender nonconforming fashion with sustainability while responding to the ecology of their particular environment. Based rurally for the past 18 months they’ve been creating clothes in response to the arid Mallee environment. This support and research has become increasingly vital to their practice as they find it necessary to account for their queerness in a way not necessary when living in the city. They require support to research, design, develop and make a gender nonconforming wardrobe in this conservative heteronormative rural community.


Eliza Munro
De-airing Pugmill
Eliza Munro will use funds for the purchase of a de-airing pugmill. The ceramics process is a multi-step process, with the outcome of each step dependant on the one proceeding it. The first step is preparing clay, which therefore is the most fundamentally important step in the entire making cycle. The de-airing pugmill automates this process, ensuring a quality outcome. A de-airing pugmill means that Eliza is able to continue making ceramics in isolation without the assistance of a studio hand which is vital during this period of COVID-19.

The Baldessin Press & Studio
St Andrews
Baldessin Studio Reopening Stronger and Prepared
Baldessin Press & Studio (BPS) is seeking to expand its capacity to support artists by purchasing a new iMac computer and an inkjet photographic printer. Within COVID-Safe regulations, BPS will welcome back artists and provide the much needed assistance and support for artists to regain the momentum they need. 


Kerry Spokes
Foster North
From Drawing to Photogravure
This project is for the purchase of equipment to enable Kerry Spokes to set up a photogravure studio space within their current studio, with the purpose of transposing original drawings to limited edition photogravure etchings.

Laura Dortmans
Building and Firing a Wood Kiln
Funds will support Laura Dortman to build a wood kiln to further her development as a ceramic artist and establish her arts practice in South Gippsland. Building and firing a kiln presents boundless opportunity for experimentation and ongoing research. It also enables Laura to continue collaborating (from afar) with her international network and with the Australian wood-firing community.

Leongatha Lyric Theatre
Replacement of Redundant Stage Lights
These funds will be used to support Leongatha Lyric Theatre Inc to update their stock of basic lights as a part of their ongoing purchase planning process. Funds will assist Leongatha Lyric Theatre Inc to maintain the momentum they have established in preceding years, given that our own fund-raising ability has been negated due to the pandemic restrictions. 

Phillip Island Contemporary Exhibition Space Inc.
Resilience Video and Web Page
The outcome of the project will be a video highlighting the works and experiences during lock-down of 4 Bass Coast artists and a website for the newly incorporated Phillip Island Exhibition Space (PICES) organisation that will provide a social media forum for local artists and an exhibition space and a platform to access the Resilience Video on-line.

Wesley of Warragul (Warragul Heritage Preservation Association Inc.)
Developing Audience Engagement and Promotional Opportunities
Wesley of Warragul aims to develop its online communications to increase audience engagement during Covid19 restrictions and grow future audiences through improved promotion of their concerts and venue. Funds will allow for a consultant to audit existing communications, create audience profile content pillars, and outline future email and social media communications. The consultant will develop strategies and present an in-house seminar providing training needed to engage more effectively and dynamically with their audience.


Barking Spider Visual Theatre
Arts Business Mentorship
This funding provides for an Arts Business Mentor to help develop a comprehensive and responsive plan for Barking Spider Visual Theatre (BSVT) to continue to practice. This funding will be used to employ a business mentor, Debby Maziarz, to assist BSVT to navigate these uncertain times and enable the company to emerge from COVID-19 stronger, healthier, and equipped to better serve our goal of social and cultural development in regional communities in the post-pandemic world.

Carmell Wallace
Adapt Art Practice for Video and Online Platforms
The funds will enable artist, Carmel Wallace to collaborate with local audio-visual professional Peter Corbett to create a series films suitable for Vimeo, YouTube and IGTV, and allowing for maximum social media marketing.

Caroline Vapied
Sharing Expertise Online
These funds will assist Caroline Valpied to develop and launch a new initiative online. This will include developing short demo or 'How To' videos as well as full length online workshops to build and develop new audiences. These videos will help promote the south west region to a new and growing audience.

Colleen Guiney
Port Fairy
Adapting Practice to Reach New Audiences
To develop and implement a new plan that sustains Colleen MGuiney's practice in the next 6 months. ‍Colleen will work in collaboration with a series of professionals to facilitate a strategic plan including, producing new work in print form, marketing the work in new ways and engaging a business mentor in the process.

David Higgins
Silk Painting Online Teaching and Workshop
The project encompasses the creation of a digital platform to host and deliver specialist art workshops, specifically silk painting. High quality video production and coursework is foundational when delivering professional live ‘Zoom’ workshops as well the creation of online courses and digital creativity communities. Since the pandemic, physical workshops and classes have totally ceased, and there is now a demand to migrate workshops online to cater to international, national and local participants. With the support of RAV, David Higgins can meet the global need for his art workshops while continuing to grow his audience locally.

Find Your Voice Collective Inc.
All-Abilities Virtual Songwriting Series
This 4-week songwriting series will engage and build the lasting capacity of six individuals from rural/regional south-west Victoria, all who identify with disability from the Find Your Voice Collective Inc. Identified participants are especially isolated due to ongoing COVID restrictions. Each week, participants will engage in one-on-one and group sessions, receiving comprehensive training in song-craft, musicality and successfully connecting using technology. Facilitation by internationally-renowned musician, Tom Richardson, holding a key link to disability communities and the Find Your Voice Choir.

Jaimee Millar
Adapting an Arts and Social Impact Series
To develop and progress a project that has been delayed due to COVID-19, by commencing creative branding, enabling the launch of Stage One of the project. The Clothing Library is the first iteration of the overarching project, Wardrobe Sister, an initiative that creatively applies fashion and design to address post-consumer waste. The project will create a circular resource of high-quality and culturally diverse fashion for women who are financially impacted by domestic and family violence. This project puts fashion at the forefront of a conversation around community inclusivity and awareness, utilising the skills and experience of fashion designer Jaimee Millar.

Katy Mitchell
Halls Gap
Skills Development and Production of New Work
Funds will be used for the artist, Katy Mitchell to invest in professional development, by enrolling in Slow Clay Centre’s Studio Practice Program, a course supplementing practical ceramic studio work with theoretical subjects for mid-career makers. Katy will apply this learning to a subsequent research and development project to expand the artistic potential of her practice.

Mud Gallery
Development of Mud Gallery Website and Online Sales
These funds will assist to launch Mud Gallery into the online world to promote to new and existing audiences and to work in a new way to sell local artists’ work in this current time of restrictions. 

Rachel Robb
Small Assets & Materials Replacement and Documentation
To support Rachel Robbs to replace painting studio equipment. Rachel will also use funds to have her paintings professionally documented for exhibition and work opportunities, and to aid in the promotion of her work in a new and unfamiliar market.

Sinead Murphy
Professional Development in Photography and Website Development
To support Rachel Robbs to replace painting studio equipment. Rachel will also use funds to have her paintings professionally documented for exhibition and work opportunities, and to aid in the promotion of her work in a new and unfamiliar market.