Other Funding Opportunities

If you are developing a creative project that just doesn’t quite fit into the Regional Arts Fund guidelines or Guarantee Against Loss guidelines, there may be other funding opportunities available to you.

Here is a brief list of some grant programs that may interest you. This list is not definitive, as there are many sources of government and philanthropic funding out there.

transplant0001.jpgBefore you start searching

Before you start your desktop research on funding, it’s important to break down your project and consider where the needs for funding sit. For example, are you working on a festival and require funds to pay for acts? Do you have a great community project in mind but need materials and payment of artists fees? Does your project encompass community health, is it educational, or will you bring an artist into your community to work “in residence”?  If you truly understand your project and why it is being created, you will be better placed to find funds that you will be able to direct to the appropriate area of your project.

Regional Development Victoria

The Putting Locals First Program (PLFP) component of the Regional Growth Fund (RGF) is a $100 million initiative designed to enable regional communities to devise and deliver service and infrastructure responses which reflect local priorities. The PLFP will support stronger and more sustainable regional communities by building their capacity to drive development in their region. The program is administered by Regional Development Victoria (RDV) and has has four components:

  • Improved Local Infrastructure – Grants up to $500,000

  • Local Economic Development and Job Creation – Grants up to $150,000

  • Local Community Initiatives – Grants up to $150,000

  • Local Strategic and Project Planning – Grants up to $150,000.



Australia Council

The Australia Council for the Arts is the Australian Government’s arts funding and advisory body. A search of their grants will provide you with guidelines regarding funding for a variety of art forms and areas including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts, Community Partnerships, Dance, Inter-arts, Literature, Music, Theatre, Visual arts, Market Development, Arts Organisations and Audience Development.

For details go to http://www.australiacouncil.gov.au/funding/new-grants-model/

Creative Victoria

Creative Victoria provides direct support to Victoria’s arts sector through a range of funding programs.

Together, these programs are designed to stimulate high quality, diverse arts activity across the state; strengthen Victoria’s reputation as a centre for artistic excellence and creativity; and ensure that all Victorians have opportunities to participate in and enjoy the arts.

Go to http://creative.vic.gov.au/Funding/Arts_Programs


VicHealth adds strength to other organisations working in health promotion through the provision of funding and other resources.

For details go to http://www.vichealth.vic.gov.au/Funding-Opportunities

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Images from top to bottom

Transplant, Regional Arts Funded project by Makr Penzak, Photo by Eliza-Jane Gilchrist
Julie Shaw & Ann Ferguson Installing "Tallarook Stacks", a Regional Arts Funded project, photo by Sandra Bowlett
Metal Pour, Regional Arts Funded project STEAM!, photograph by Neil Newitt