Small Regional Presenters

Creative Victoria lo res August 2015

The Small Regional Presenters fund provides funding for regional communities to program and present shows in their area. It also supports skills development and capacity building by encouraging presenters to develop long term plans and audience development strategies.

Regional Arts Victoria's Connecting Places program is intended to work alongside Creative Victoria’s Small Regional Presenters fund, which usually opens from January to February and September to October anually. Please note this fund is currently on hold - we encourage you to visit Creative Victoria's website for updates.

If the grant application is successful the presenter can use the funds to assist with the difference in cost between the performance fee and their expected income, technical costs (excluding capital investment) and additional marketing costs such as advertising and printing.

Regional Arts Victoria staff are able to offer some assistance to presenters in preparing an application for the Small Regional Presenters fund. In the event that a presenter submits an application for Small Regional Presenters and is not successful they should speak with Regional Arts Victoria to discuss further options.

Creative Victoria requires that shows are booked before you submit your application. Check out our Connecting Places program to for performing arts experiences that are tailored to community presenters. 

Please contact Anna Kennedy, Connecting Places Manager, at Regional Arts Victoria or Kathleen Hodgson at Creative Victoria for assistance in understanding Small Regional Presenters. 

Anna Kennedy
03 9644 1809

Kathleen Hodgson
03 8683 3114 or 1800 134 894 (toll free country Victoria only)