On Call


On Call

On Call

This category includes programs that are convenient and are available to your venue or school any time of the year. This allows you to book what you need, when you need it!

PLEASE NOTE: When artists travel 80 km beyond the metropolitan area, you will be required to pay extra costs towards travel, accommodation and per diems where applicable. 

For more information on the individual on call programs available, follow the links below.

Trash Puppets – Trash Puppets

Jungle Shimmy – Magic Oasis

Shadow Tricks – Polyglot Theatre

Robot Zoo – Furals HQ

Anymation – Furals HQ

Improvaganza – Impro Melbourne

Live Light Painting - Little Projector Company

Small Worlds & Little Creatures - The Becken Project

Story Circus - Women's Circus

Drama Impro Workshop – Impro Melbourne

Fairytale Cookbook (The Show) – Impro Melbourne

Fairytale Cookbook (The Workshop) - Impro Melbourne

VCE Drama Unlocked Creating as an Ensemble (Unit 3) – Impro Melbourne 

VCE Drama Unlocked Creating Characters (Unit 4) – Impro Melbourne

VCE Drama Unlocked Transitioning & Space (Unit 4) – Impro Melbourne